The Black Forest 2: That Which Remains

Hello everyone and welcome back to another chapter of The Black Forest. If you’ve found this post and are interested in reading the story, I would suggest you start with the first chapter “Other” or read the synopsis here. The second chapter is here! “That Which Remains“. Here’s an excerpt: Kind, he thought. It had been a long time since someone had been truly kind to him. He had almost forgotten what that could mean. His parents had known what kindness was and had instilled it in Percival and his siblings, yet it had all been lost with them. Kindness, Percival thought. Kindness. (more…)

For The Love Of Passions

Hello everyone, Alteringviews here. I hope everyone’s March is off to a good start. It’s hard to believe we’re already three months into 2017. Time flies by fast even though the days move slowly. We’ve decided to switch it up this week and so I will be posting instead of Bacon. Below you will find something not quite story. It’s a bit more of a poem. It was supposed to focus on food, but my muse doesn’t always listen to my words or maybe it does. “The Actual Post” Fanatic Musings is all about creativity and artistry. The belief that (more…)

Introducing E.J. Haven and The Black Forest

Hello, all you Fanatics! We have great news– we have our very first original work coming out soon by the lovely and wonderful E.J. Haven! In this post, we’ve decided to pick her brain about the serial that she’ll be publishing with us starting this Thursday, March 8th!   JM: Welcome to Fanatic Musings, E.J.! We’re so happy to have you! EJ: Thanks for having me. I’ve definitely been feeling the love. JM: We know you’re busy putting those polishing touches on The Black Forest, so let’s dive in. Tell us a bit about The Black Forest. How’d you come (more…)