2nd Anniversary and Reflections

Happy Friday!!!!

Two years ago, we registered out business with Texas and it’s been a rough two years. As you know, BLV13, also known as E.J. Wolfe, and Alteringviews are sort of the cornerstones of Fanatic Musings and after a hell of a year (or year of hell) for BLV13, we took some time i.e. December and January to reevaluate what Fanatic Musings should be and what is feasible for us.

For one, BLV13 has finally smacked herself in the face enough to know that webtoons and work and stories and everything else she wants to do, doesn’t have to all be done right now.

You would think that would have been the first thing she realized, but that’s the problem with an unruly imagination and being accustomed to generating stupid amounts of content in short amounts of time. I’ll explain my “unruly imagination” in another post someday soon, but I’ve cut back on my internal rat race to focus on one new idea to start and follow through on while juggling the rest of the management of Fanatic Musings. That means that for now there will be one new story added to the roster this year. Depending on how it goes, there may be another at the end of the year, but we’ll see.

Per this fancy board, I’m using to track my process, I should be running a “Hey Look What I’m posting now” campaign in the next two weeks tentatively named Project AHG. I’m considering posting it on Webnovel as well just for some exposure and Fanatic Musings, but as usual, it will all be free to read. 🙂

In the meantime, check out The Black Forest by E.J. Haven and the beginning of my other story, Raison D’ Etre.

As far as I can see, “28 Days of Melanin” won’t be happening in the visual art sense, but you might get some drabbles or something. I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m still getting used to telling myself “you don’t have the time or skill to do X” rather than rushing in and finding that out when it starts to collapse or I end up unhappy with it (#28 Days of Melanin 2017 & Seduction + Pleasure).

Thanks for all your support, you lovely people and I’ll see you all soon. As usual, you can support Fanatic Musings via Patreon at a minimum of $5 due to processing fees and all that. If you want to make a smaller donation, feel free to use our Paypal alternative, so we can keep this site running for years to come!



P.S. Happy Black History Month!

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