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  • Gemini Queen by River Rowan
     Greetings and happy July! We hope everyone out there has stayed safe during this crazy COVID-19 crisis and is getting back to their normal lives in […]
  • A Thousand Years
    Hey everyone, It’s my birthday, y’all! (I’m just kidding. My birthday is in July.) It just feels like my birthday because I’ll be working starting Monday. […]


We mentioned we were fans, right? Here it is. We’ll have them organized by fandom for your reading pleasure. Authors may post them elsewhere, so don’t panic if you run into them somewhere else too! See a list of fandoms here and the latest updates below!

Latest Fanfiction Updates

  • Stay (7/8/2020) - He wants her to stay... Or maybe, he knows she won't once she learns the truth. He isn't sure, but he knows that her patience is wearing thin.It's now or never.
  • All Or Nothing (5/15/2020) - Hiccup is running from Astridson, but Astridson is the best hunter in his family. Hiccup never stood a chance.
  • A Thousand Years (5/9/2020) - They went to bed in the early hours of the morning after all the guests had gone and they’d cleaned enough that the auto-return charm on the tent would work without a problem.  Unfortunately, that meant they slept until it was almost dinner time.  Or rather, Draco slept until it was almost dinner time. Draco […]
  • Part 2 (5/8/2020) - Lafayette let out a breath, licked his lips, and told him about Jesus. The man he’d loved and killed because of a power he didn’t fully understand, nor was he fully rid of. The guilt and sleepless nights, waking up screaming-- the voices and his fears. James laced his fingers in Lafayette’s and listened to each syllable, the shuddering of Lafayette’s body, the rise and fall of his heartbeat until Lafayette fell silent against him, lost to the trembling terror of what James would say now.
  • Part 1 (5/7/2020) - It’s a wry and dark chuckle that escaped him as he turned and walked down the street, squaring his shoulders and forcing himself to put on foot in front of the other, and another until he was down the street, back at the wharf, beyond the town and heading back to the ghetto je ne sais quoi abode in Bon Temps, Louisiana of weed and pharmacy.

Original Fiction

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Latest Series Updates

  • Welcome To CarMax (5/11/2020) - He swore on his grandfather's ring around his thumb that the next time Gwen said “Honey” and stroked the back of his neck, he was closing his eyes and running out of the house, even if she was right.

Other Works

Here’s where we host all of the other types of work ranging from art to poetry.

Latest Short Stories And Poems

  • Welcome To CarMax (10/2/2020) - He wanted the woman in front of him to not be knowledgeable about her job, so he'd have a better excuse not to be here. He wanted to reverse time to not be here in that moment, but more than anything...

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