About Us

The lovely team of Fanatic Musings welcomes you, wayward reader! We started this website to foster an artistic community among novice artists, to pursue our own artistic visions, talk about life, and explore new worlds together!

Currently, Fanatic Musings is a duo of creatives dedicated to expanding the fictional world as both fans and original artists. We publish and host fanfiction as well as original series, and we’re hoping to keep the site going for a very long time. 

Currently, it’s only the work of a few artists that grace our site with their creativity, but we are hoping to add more. If you’re interested, please let us know via the contact us page! You can check out our current submission guidelines here.

Fanatic Musings is a space for individuals to:

  • share ideas, creations, and advice
  • gain knowledge about creativity
  • be creative
  • get to know like-minded people
  • explore their creative side

Here are the main parts of the site:

What’s New

This is the general feed of what’s been posted recently on Fanatic Musings. If you know what you’re looking for, go there and you’ll probably be able to find it! All major announcements will be forwarded to the Tumblr page for everyone who likes not to wade through the weeds.


This is our Tumblr blog. As you can see, there’s a feed for it in the sidebar. This is where we post fun stuff like inspiration, artist interviews, and so on. Look forward to some words from our talented authors on here and fun announcements!


We mentioned we were fans, right? Here it is. We’ll have them organized by fandom for your reading pleasure. Authors may post them elsewhere, so don’t panic if you run into them somewhere else too! 


We have a section for Webtoons primarily because publishing on Line Webtoon would limit artists in what the can and cannot post. After reading the rest of Line Webtoon’s policies, we figure that we’ll more than likely only have a few webtoons hosted in their most family-friendly forms on Webtoon and the explicit versions (for all you pervs who believe that life isn’t PG-13 ;)) here on the website. You can navigate there from the main navigation tabs. Currently, the webtoon that we were publishing is on hiatus indefinitely due to the lead artist’s life imploding. 

Seduction + Pleasure is currently on hiatus due to life complications, but we expect it will be back in some form by next year.

Original Fiction

And here is where the magic happens! This is where artists post their fictions for the world to see. The ability to access advanced access membership levels and any sort of package deals we’ll offer will be available by the time that rolls around. Other than that, it’s all free to read, enjoy, and comment 

If you’re interested in supporting us, we have a Patreon and a Paypal.me account. All shows of love and support are welcome. Learn more about that on our Support Us page.

The Art Gallery

Here’s where we host all of the relevant artwork created for story ideas, brainstorming, and whatever else may come about. 

No matter what you’re looking for or where you end up on the site, we’re glad to have you here!