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E.J. Haven

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When the winter that has held the Black Forest hostage for years begins to advance, the truth of what happened when the forest was quarantined will have to be revealed, but there is only one question to be asked: What do you know of the wolf in the mountain?

Enter The Black Forest

E.J. Wolfe | BadLuckVixen13

Hello all!

You might know me from and but I’m on Deviant Art and Newgrounds!  There’s a story I promised to revamp and am very excited about doing so for Fanatic Musings. I bet you can’t guess which one~! How could you? I have so many. 

In any case, I’m also a regular on Nanowrimo, so feel free to hit me up there or anywhere else. 


Bio pending

Seduction + Pleasure -- Coming Soon!
Seduction + Pleasure -- Currently On Hiatus