Here is a list of our glorious team members! You can click on their names to go to their homepages where their bios and published works dwell. If you’re interested in publishing with us, please let us know on the contact us page!


Alteringviews is a Fanatic Musingss staff member, editor, and one half of the duo known as Vixenviews.

E.J. Wolfe | BadLuckVixen13

E. J. Wolfe is a writer better known on the internet as BadLuckVixen13 for her fanfiction including the 1 Million for Black!Hermione Challenge. She is also one half of River Rowan. All I do is write, write, write.... write.... and sometimes art. 🙂

River Rowan | Vixenviews

River Rowan , also known as Vixenviews , is the pseudonym under which all joint projects between E. J. Wolfe and Alteringviews shall be published

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