Here is a list of our glorious authors you can click on their names to go to their homepage where there are brief bios, a list of the works they’ve published with us and more. 


Alteringviews is a Fanatic Musingss staff member, editor, and one half of the duo known as Vixenviews.


BadLuckVixen13 is a fanfiction writer who publishes on several platforms. She is also known as E. J. Wolfe.

E. J. Haven

E. J. Haven is the author of the House De Fortier series and is currently publishing book 1 of that series, The Black Forest, on Fanatic Musings.

E. J. Wolfe

E. J. Wolfe is an author also known as BadLuckVixen13.

River Rowan

River's a bit shy. Look for an update in "What's New" when he's ready to talk.   My Recent Posts   My Stories My Other


VixenViews is the unholy offspring of AlteringViews and BadLuckVixen13.