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You might know me from and but I’m on Deviant Art as BLV13 and on Newgrounds E.J. Wolfe! This homepage is for my fanfiction persona, so if you’re looking for original stuff, head over here to my proper author page There’s a story I promised to revamp and am very excited about doing so for Fanatic Musings. I bet you can’t guess which one~! How could you? I have so many. 

In any case, I’m also a regular on Nanowrimo, so feel free to hit me up there or anywhere else. 


My Recent Posts

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A Thousand Years, Chapter 3 on August 13, 2019

Good At Being Bad on August 7, 2019

A Thousand Years, Chapter 2 on August 6, 2019

All Or Nothing on July 31, 2019


My Fanfictions

Don't Forget The Sun

James takes some time to visit home and realizes that he has been a total ass to Lafayette. Of course, our favorite hippy has to make it up to him. [Originally posted on]

All Or Nothing

Hiccup is running from Astridson, but Astridson is the best hunter in his family. Hiccup never stood a chance.

Good At Being Bad

Everyone thinks she's just the Gryffindor swot, but oh is there another side to Hermione.

A Thousand Years

It was going to be a good day, even if he felt that he was going to throw up from anxiety or apparate away to avoid the shame of being left at the altar in front of a large portion of wizarding Britain.  She could be more of a Slytherin that he was most days, but he'd never considered his position as the Slytherin Prince was threatened.  They were getting married, so at least he'd save face.


Status: Complete Genre(s): Drama, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy Pairing(s): Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger x Viktor Krum Series: Inspired By Media, 1 Million For

In Your Room

Status: In Progress, Completed Genre(s): Action, Drama, Psychological, Romance Pairing(s): Hermione Granger x Harry Potter Series: Inspired By Media, 1 Million For Black!Hermione Rating(s): Explicit

Back To Black

He’s pretty sure that he’s never seen anyone do Amy Winehouse with so much… style.

Sonic Avengers

Derek met Stiles weeks ago. They go to the same college and bump into each other at the coffee shop on campus where Stiles works. The truth is that he’s secretly been going just to talk to Stiles especially when he works the late night shift. Hopefully soon, Derek will muster up the courage to go ahead and ask him out.


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