In this verse, all canon is an abomination. A plethora of sprawling plots held by those who will not bring about their full potential. Filled with half-explored characters and possibilities left to hang and fall into the graveyard of unfulfilled fantasy. It’s stale and unprofitable–an abomination. But there is another verse, the FanVerse. Where all possibilities are carried to their full potential and all characters are explored to the grimiest depths of themselves. In this verse, fiction flourishes from the ashes of that which was canon.

VixenViews is the unholy offspring of AlteringViews and BadLuckVixen13 themselves.

You have been warned.

The two in question also write original stories under this name as well, and they aren’t nearly this dramatic in real life. 🙂


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Scattered Puzzle Pieces

Of the five children he's adopted, one hates him, one is more or less a neutral party, the other nearly refuses to come home, and the other two are always at each other's throats. If only Bruce had just gone to therapy, he might have saved himself some of the migraines, bottles of scotch, wakeless nights, and the cost of being a vigilante.

The Once And Future

Merlin, Gwaine, and Arthur live a lot of lives, but there is a once and a future for all of them. This is a story about the first reincarnation and a part of the Once And Future Series.



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