Stories And Their Statuses

Howdy everyone,  It’s been a while since anyone has posted on this site. Between mental health, work, money issues, and a few other issues we’ve put it to a vote and came up with the following: Some of the authors can’t meet the originally proposed timelines, so their stories will be on hold/hiatus until they can pick it back up regularly.  Fanatic Musings as a site will be going through some restructuring as a site, so stay tuned about an update for that.  We all need a break! Fanatic Musings is a project of love that currently can’t be anyone’s (more…)

Introducing E.J. Haven and The Black Forest

Hello, all you Fanatics! We have great news– we have our very first original work coming out soon by the lovely and wonderful E.J. Haven! In this post, we’ve decided to pick her brain about the serial that she’ll be publishing with us starting this Thursday, March 8th!   JM: Welcome to Fanatic Musings, E.J.! We’re so happy to have you! EJ: Thanks for having me. I’ve definitely been feeling the love. JM: We know you’re busy putting those polishing touches on The Black Forest, so let’s dive in. Tell us a bit about The Black Forest. How’d you come (more…)

Epic Launch

Hello all! Thank you so much for all your love, support and encouragement. I know, it’s been a while since we went on hiatus. The Fanatic Musings simply had to iron some logistics out, but we’re back and better than ever! We’ll be using the main blog for chats with our artists, announcements, and general fun and tips for all of our readers. We’re anticipating at least one announcement a month, but there may be more depending on what sort of magic happens in the office. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve revamped the website for easy reading and navigation as (more…)