I’m Just…

Junsu decided that this was the day. He was out to conquer the day, the night, and everything in between. More importantly, he was going to conqueror that realm that he had no contact with: love. ‘Yeah… because that’ll happen… I bet he doesn’t even…’ He bit his lip at the thought and fear picking up his bag and following his roommate Jaejoong out. “You seemed to have taken more time than usual… prepping for something?” He asked walking with him as the sounds of the park neared, oblivious to the eyes that watched them. “No…” “Would it be because (more…)


Changmin grinned at the kimbap he and Junsu shared after practice as the older sat beside him eating cutely. “Yah, why aren’t you eating?” Junsu asked, knowing the boy had a ravenous appetite. He picked up a piece and offered it to him. Changmin blinked and leaned forward opening his mouth to take in the piece of food, meeting Junsu’s eyes devilishly. Junsu’s face blushed hyper-red as the image of those eyes looking at him as teeth and tongue trailed down his chest ran rampant through his mind. More, more please. Are you begging me babe? Yes, I’m begging please. (more…)

Past And Present

Riding in the sleek black limousine, Junsu sat stiff wanting to make the best impression possible. Changmin smiled at the other with lazy adoration. ‘He really is too adorable for his own good.’ They arrived within minutes and climbed out of the car and were hurried into the elevator. “You will start work as soon as possible, is that okay?” Junsu nodded nervously as they exited the elevator into a starch white lab attached to an extensive greenhouse that Junsu thought he would faint at the sight of. “Yah! HyukJae, would be these my two new assistants?” “Changmin, Junsu, this (more…)

A Reason To Come Home

Changmin had been working silently, furiously in the greenhouse, alone, tending the flowers all afternoon. The sun had set and it was soon time or them to leave. Junsu popped his head with a smile and call. “Max, it’s the end of our shift, let’s go, I’m hungry~ so I know you’re starving.” Changmin smiled set down the water can and nodded. As an elven vampire with tempest abilities… and having not reached maturity and was still growing power wise, he needed more calories than the average magical being. He followed Junsu out, timed out and they walked out of (more…)

Tell Me The Truth

The day had gone by so well. He and Yoochun spent hours playing cards, chess, reestablishing a connection. It was fun. Yunho watched over a laptop screen as he worked. It was comfortable. Sunset hit and Yoochun left the house to meet with Jaejoong for some investigating. It was over. Yunho closed his laptop, closed his chamber doors and cornered Changmin in silence. “There’s no litisteel in this chamber is there?” Changmin asked. Yunho smiled and opened his arms, beckoning Changmin to come to him. Changmin approached warily and yelped when Yunho pulled him down into his lap and cradled (more…)


Until that morning, Junsu hadn’t realized how deep in love he was… When seeing someone half asleep and drooling was a cause for blush and stare… there was a problem. ‘Love sick idiot…’ Changmin was sleeping on the soccer field. He’d been up playing cards with Yoochun all night and cuddling with Yunho. According to Yoochun, the night he came home was the first time in 200 years he and Yunho shared a bed. It saddened him a great deal but he was just too tired to think about it at that moment. — Jaejoong sighed again catching a drifting (more…)

Card Game: Bet

Changmin came back with a stack of pure black cards. “Omo… what are we playing?” Junsu asked and yelped as a table materialized out of the floor. They joined Changmin on the floor as he shuffled the cards. “You do that as if it matters…”Yunho said. “I have to practice for when we play normal cards.” Changmin said and dealed, five cards for each person and he set the deck on the table. The cards turned white “What the hell…”Junsu asked picking up the pure white cards and watching them flare a brilliant blue. Yunho’s cards turned a deep red, (more…)