So, You Wanna Assemble A Puzzle?

Date: January 22, 2025 Location: 57th Precinct-- Blüdhaven, New Jersey “Grayson, there’s someone here looking to speak with you.” Richard looked up mixing his coffee with more cream and sugar than should probably have been allowed by the law, but he hadn’t eaten anything since a giant bowl of cereal that morning. What he’d give for something a whole lot more substantial right now to get him through the rest of his shift. He’d probably do just about anything especially if it wasn’t those dry-looking doughnuts in the breakroom. The scent of the fifty-seventh precinct was tinged with a bit (more…)


Date: January 29, 2025 Location: 5295 Scotch Street– Keystone City, Pennsylvania Artemis turned over beside him with a low hum as Wally sat up and rubbed his face. By his count, it was Saturday. He’d told the Justice League that he would be off the hero clock all weekend unless the world was imploding. So who was calling him? He glared across the room and quickly realized that it wasn’t his communicator going off, but his actual cellphone. He picked it up and saw a photo of him and Richard from their younger days behind his name on the screen (more…)


Date: January 29th, 2025 Location: Hotshot Bar & Grill-- Blüdhaven, New Jersey Richard arrived at Hotshot with a sigh. He took a seat at the bar to make himself easy to find and tried to keep his heart from racing. He’d put on the pants, and while they didn’t have anything obscene like strips of mesh down either side, he didn’t think they were much better. They clung to his thighs and maybe if he’d ridden a bike here it would have been fine, but he’d driven his normal little sedan. The stupid shirt and vest combination that had come (more…)


Date: February 16, 2025 Location: 56th & Vernon--  Star City, California   “You’ve seen better days, Lost Arrow.” Lost Arrow– who was Lost Arrow? He was certainly lost, but he certainly wasn’t an arrow. He should really lay off the heroin, but he really couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a hit. He opened his eyes through the fever and found that he wasn’t burning alive, but there was a patch of ice nearby. He didn’t remember it ever being so cold in Southern California, but he bet it was that strange witching hour when spirits walked the earth (more…)


Date: March 5th, 2025 Location: Carnival Park-- Blüdhaven, New Jersey Ciaran lifted his hand and waved to get Richard’s attention. The man turned and smiled. This time of year, winter was peeling back and revealing spring over the ‘haven. As Richard approached, Ciaran simply watched him. While he really liked Richard in his uniform, he found that he figured out a lot more about Richard in his casual clothing. His jeans were loose as if to detract from his attractiveness, but it didn’t work. His sweatshirt was clean, and all in all, Ciaran decided that it would be best not (more…)


Date: April 24, 2025 Location: Warehouse #57-- Gotham City, Pennsylvania   “Putting my defenses up ‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack.” She looked up from her books to the computer where James, one of the more trustworthy new hires who’d been put in charge of her earlier this week, was watching a music video. It was, however, the first time that this particular artist crossed the screen. She watched, curious about the pale woman on the screen with such dark hair and strong vocals. “Who is she?” (more…)

Interesting Choice

Date: April 25, 2025 Location: Blue Riot Industries Warehouse-- Gotham City, Pennsylvania Lurking in the shadows, he watched the police officers interrogate the guards who had just regained consciousness. No damage, no trace of evidence– there was nothing there but a warehouse that shouldn’t be empty. “I’m still unable to find anything in the logs,” Barbara said in his ear, “Like Dad said, there’s nothing there. It was all there and then it wasn’t.” Considering the amount of merchandise that was removed from the facility, the thieves would’ve had to start lifting things much earlier in the night, long before (more…)