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Story TitleCrossover WorldsMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription
Hell’s GatePowerpuff Girls X Samurai JackBrick X Blossom
Butch X Buttercup
Boomer X Bubbles
Coming Soon!Nearly fifteen years after the events of the PPG series, the girls have moved away from Townsville and given up the comforts of home to live like normal college girls at Trinity University in Dawn City, Oregon. The population is large enough that they can fade into obscurity, the school is magnet for certain talents and things seem to be working out just fine until the boys show up on campus and the truths they thought they knew come unravelling around them.

Trouble never respects the wishes of superheroes, now does it?

The Phoenix

Night Shift (NBC) X Merlin (BBC)TC X OFC
Drew X Rick
Re-Vamp (Coming Soon!)Shoot-outs, storms, and hostage situations: a routine night shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Under-staffed, under-funded, over-worked and overtime are words that aren’t just a part of the vocabulary, but the lifestyle and they’re running out of time before someone reaches a breaking point.

Namely TC.

The drama and the stress levels are at an all-time high. Once you factor in TC’s reputation and his relationship with the new NPR, things are probably going to get worse before they get better.

Welcome to the night shift.



Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

Dangerous Mind

DBSKRe-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)


Darkness Eyes

DBSKRe-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)


Last Angel

Yunho (U-KNOW) X Changmin (MAX)

Yoochun (MICKEY) X Junsu (XIAH)

Boa x Se7en

Re-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)


Love In The Ice

Changmin (MAX) X Yunho (U-KNOW) Re-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)



Yunho (U-KNOW) x OFC  

My Destiny

Jaejoong (Hero) X Yunho (U-KNOW)  Re-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)


Non-Disclosure Contract

Yunho (U-Know)  x OFC  Coming Soon! 

Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis.

Changmin (MAX) X Yunho (U-KNOW)Re-Vampin g

(Coming Soon!)


To Knock On The Door Of The Unknown

Yunho (U-KNOW) X Junsu (XIAH)

Yoochun (MICKEY) X Jaejoong (Hero)

Coming Soon 



DC | Marvel


Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

Scattered Puzzle Pieces

Jason X Roy X Raven
Clark Kent X Diana | Wonderwoman
Tim X Barbara
Richard x OMC
In-ProgressHe is vengeance. He is the night. He is Batman. They are broken. They are lonely. They are in need of help, help that even the caped crusader can’t get them. There is no scheme, no plan, no Batarang, or last-minute save for the years of unspoken pain, betrayals, and discord in the family, but there is hope so long as the kids want it, Alfred is there, and Bruce is prepared to swallow his pride, his mission, and realize that saving the world means nothing without family with which to enjoy it. If he knew the world of trouble and tough love he was getting himself into when he decided that adopting her was a good idea, he may have just went to counseling like Alfred suggested years ago.

Harry Potter


Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

Back To Black

Draco X HermioneComplete(?)Draco opened this karaoke bar five years ago when he decided that the sleazy sort of club his family was known for just wasn’t good enough for him. He’d seen some great karaoke in his time manning the bar, and he’d seen some really bad ones.

He’s pretty sure that he’s never seen anyone do Amy Winehouse with so much… style.




Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

The Life That No One Knows

Merlin X GwaineCompleteFate made a fatal mistake thinking that he was unnecessary.

Teen Wolf

Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

The Masks We Wear

Stiles X DerekRe-Vamping (Coming Soon)Three years ago, Stiles left Beacon Hills looking for answers to the magical clusterfuck he’d become. Now he’s returned to find that the Alpha has changed, his best friend is a ranking pack member, and Jackson is an emotionally screwed faerie. Yet, Beacon Hills hasn’t changed a bit.

Curtains back, masks on…

Let the show begin.


True Blood

Story TitleMain Pairing(s)StatusDescription

Don’t Forget The Sun

Lafayette X JAmesCompleteJames had been missing for days searching for the answers he hadn’t realized that he needed for years. 

Lafayette comes home to see him funking out