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Fanfiction By Fandom

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Here is a collection of DBSK /Tohoshinki/TVXQ fanfiction. DBSK is a South Korean boyband. Originally, there were 5 members, but in most recent years only two of the original members are still with SM Entertainment. Below is a collection of fanfictions related to the former (DB5K) and current members of the band (HoMin).

On this page, you will find our DC and Marvel fanfiction. From Big Blue and the Dark Knight to the Mistress of Storms and adamantium, someone among the Fanatic Musings family has written something about these caped heroes and masked villains or is about to.

All aboard to Hogwarts and all the darkness known and hidden.

  • A Man In The Kitchen– How Could I Resist - A short tale of how they meet due to bad architecture, bad real estate decisions, and Hitchcock-like apartments.
  • A Man In The Kitchen–How Could I Resist? - A short tale of how they meet due to bad architecture, bad real estate decisions, and Hitchcock-like apartments.
  • A Thousand Years - It was going to be a good day, even if he felt that he was going to throw up from anxiety or apparate away to avoid the shame of being left at the altar in front of a large portion of wizarding Britain.She could be more of a Slytherin that he was most days, but he'd never considered his position as the Slytherin Prince was threatened.They were getting married, so at least he'd save face.
  • Back To Black - He’s pretty sure that he’s never seen anyone do Amy Winehouse with so much… style.
  • Enough - Sometimes… enough is enough.
  • Fidetentia - Harry hoped that the new girl would let him sit with her during snack time. He could never imagine that she would become his light in the darkest of times.
  • Get On Your Knees -

    After Ronald leaves them in the Forest of Dean, latent feelings and tension burst and Hermione gives Harry something he's, apparently, wanted since third year.


    "Get on your knees."

  • Give Your Heart A Break - Hermione has been seeing Harry Black for several months now, but every time they seem to be moving forward, he pulls away. She's at her wit's end until he invites her on an evening date on Halloween and she realizes that patience is sometimes better than a plan.
  • In Your Room - All she wants him to do is to let her in his room the way she struggles to let him in every day.
  • Somewhere Out There -

    Dear Viktor...

    The last time they'd spoken... she was alive.

    How could this have happened?

From the Riders of Berk to The Hidden World, these fanfictions cover every step of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock’s journey to becoming chief.

  • All Or Nothing - Hiccup is running from Astridson, but Astridson is the best hunter in his family. Hiccup never stood a chance.

With a name like Beacon Hills, you’d expect a bit of trouble.

Welcome to the night shift of San Antonio Memorial Hospital where everything and anything can go wrong!

Welcome to Bon Temps and wherever else our authors decide to take the wayward characters of the Sookie Stackhouse Series and HBO’s True Blood.

  • Don’t Forget The Sun - James takes a visit home and realizes that he has been a total ass to Lafayette. Of course, our favorite hippy has to make it up to him.