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Scattered Puzzle Pieces by Vixenviews

Status: In Progress

Genre(s): Action, Drama, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi

Pairing(s): Conner Kent | Kon-El | Superboy x Match x Original Female Character, Richard Grayson | Nightwing x Original Male Character, Diana | Wonder Woman x Clark Kent | Kal-El | Superman, Tim Drake | Red Robin X Barbara Gordon | Oracle | Batgirl

Series: Jason Todd Deserves Better

Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content

Tag(s): healing grievance bad things happen to good people romance Bruce is a terrible father fanfiction love family richard grayson family relationships

Of the five children he's adopted, one hates him, one is more or less a neutral party, the other nearly refuses to come home, and the other two are always at each other's throats. If only Bruce had just gone to therapy, he might have saved himself some of the migraines, bottles of scotch, wakeless nights, and the cost of being a vigilante.