Do Not Disturb (or My Husband Will Have Words)

Author: BadLuckVixen13

Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Status: Complete

Genre(s): Romance

Pairing(s): Hermione Granger x Harry Potter

Relationship(s): M/F

Series: 1 Million For Black Hermione

Rating(s): Teen +

Additional Tag(s): Black!Hermione Granger, Not Canon Compliant

Author’s Note:

This was just a fun little response to a prompt I saw on Harmony & Co about Harry holding Hermione’s co-workers at wand point to get her a day of sleep for her birthday. I can’t find the prompt, but as soon as I do I’ll link it here.


What was she going to do with her husband who seemed to always be doing something sweet, wonderful, reckless, brash, and insane at any given time of day?

She’d have to cut down his time with Draco more in the future.

At least she’d get something out of this arrangement, she supposed.

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