Author: BadLuckVixen13

Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Status: Complete

Genre(s): Romance

Pairing(s): Hermione Granger x Harry Potter

Relationship(s): M/F

Series: 1 Million For Black Hermione, Fidetentia, Amortentia, and Other Potions of Note, Harmony 3K Bingo

Rating(s): General Audiences

Additional Tag(s): Childhood!Friends, Conspiracy

Author’s Note:

It’s the first part of the Fidetentia, Amortentia, and Other Potions of Note Series! Please enjoy some wholesome Harmony and foreshadowing.


There exists a special class of potions named using the Latin word for “held” to denote their ability to evoke, alter, or otherwise enhance certain emotions to the limit of behavioral modification potions. For the purposes of this text, I will discuss the most powerful and the most dangerous of this class of potions: Fidetentia, Mortetentia, Oditentia, Inanistentia, Amortentia, Veritatentia.

Fidetentia is the most powerful loyalty potion known to man. Its most distinctive feature is its lack of color. It produces no steam as it is a cold-brewed potion. It is tasteless, odorless, and nearly undetectable. It was often administered to the Auror Corp during training and times of peril to ensure cooperation and complete adherence to orders. This potion can be given every six months to remain effective. Continuous dosing of a subject creates a low-level restriction on their magic such that even after the potion has stopped being administered, feelings of loyalty remain depending on how long the potion was administered. It should be noted that this practice is no longer active in the Ministry, but retired Aurors who were doused still have lingering side effects depending on their length of service. This restriction can only be removed through major cleansing rituals or magical awakenings.

–Notes on the Tentia Potions by Charles Dagworth-Granger

Harry hoped that the new girl would let him sit with her during snack time. He could never imagine that she would become his light in the darkest of times.

Table of Contents

  1. Books & Bullies
  2. Open Doors & Secrets
  3. Trolls
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