A Thousand Years

Author’s Note: 

Here we are with more Hermione. It’s not Viktory whatever shall we do? All jokes aside, I’m discovering that I love Draco x Hermione (they really need a better couple name than Dramione.) Look forward to me exploring that love. I’ve got several stories planned for the future that I’m editing right now.  Note: the new “post only when you’re actually done with the story” rule is in effect. 


It was going to be a good day, even if he felt that he was going to throw up from anxiety or apparate away to avoid the shame of being left at the altar in front of a large portion of wizarding Britain. 

She could be more of a Slytherin that he was most days, but he’d never considered his position as the Slytherin Prince was threatened. 

They were getting married, so at least he’d save face.

Table of Contents

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