In Your Room

Author: BadLuckVixen13

Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Status: Complete

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Psychological, Romance

Pairing(s): Hermione Granger x Harry Potter

Relationship(s): M/F

Series: 1 Million For Black Hermione, Inspired By Media

Rating(s): Explicit Violence

Additional Tag(s): Anger Management, Black!Hermione Granger, Eating Disorders, PTSD

Author’s Note:

Inspired by In Your Room by Halestorm. This is also posted on Ao3.


You know every part of me

I let you in, I let you see

All the dark and every color of my room

Let me do that for you

And tell me all about your past

Why you painted those walls black

Baby, it’s all right you’re safe in here with me

Open up so I can see

In Your Room by Halestorm

Harry and Hermione have been dating for several years now and friends for much longer. As far as Hermione can tell, he knows just about everything there is to know about her minus a few dark days, yet the mystery of his music room, why he seems able to lose himself in there for hours at a time, and his own dark and haunted places are an untraversable distance between them. 

All she wants him to do is to let her in his room the way she struggles to let him in every day.

Table of Contents

  1. Right Outside Your Door
  2. Open Up So I Can See
  3. All The Dark And Every Color
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