Tell Me You Love Me

Author’s Note:

Author’s Note: Heavily inspired by Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me and a comment on the video. I’d been listening to this song a lot while writing for the challenge, so it was about time I had a story for it. I think there’s a bit of “The Amber Gods” by Harriet Spofford feel to it as well, but that could be my imagination. I’m sticking to my guns on the “only post when it’s completed deal”, so look for updates at irregular intervals.

This is also on AO3 as part of the 1 Million for Black! Hermione Challenge. You can glance through what other stories in this series are published here.


Tell me you love me

I need someone on days like this

She should have been happy. Everyone said they were meant to be together, but there’s more to until death does us part than a nice gown and I do.

She could only say it so many times before it felt like a lie in her ears.

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