All Or Nothing

Hiccup is running from Astridson, but Astridson is the best hunter in his family. Hiccup never stood a chance.

Hiccup ducked again as the tall blonde man stalked past. It was close and there was still hope that he would escape the locker room without being seen. Dressed in his rugby uniform, his long blonde hair was tied up, barely covering the edge of a bruise that was just beginning to form on his neck. Hiccup covered his mouth, smothering the fearful little sound and pulled his long skinny legs to his chest against the locker cubby’s backing.

He was fucking pathetic hiding in the locker room and fucking stupid. 

He heard Astridson open his locker and grumble angrily as he undressed and stalked to the showers. When the water turned on and Astridson’s feet crossed the locker room, Hiccup uncurled from his hiding place and slid out of the locker cubby he’d been hiding in. He was the definition of tall and lanky. It was advantageous for such moments, but it did nothing to keep him out of these stupid predicaments.

Quickly, he made his way along the wall and out of Astridson’s line of sight. When he reached the main entrance, he found it locked and a large wet hand landed on the door. 

Oh, gods…

He’d been caught. He’d been caught, and he had no idea how he was going to get out of this. 

Fuck, fuck, fuck…

“You’re quite good at hiding… Unfortunately for you, I’m the best hunter and tracker in my family.”

Hiccup would never admit how fucking sexy the idea of being hunted by Astridson Hofferson seemed to him. It was common sense that being hunted was not meant to be sexy after all. Instead, he remained quiet trying to keep the memories of why exactly he was avoiding Astridson Hofferson like the plague at bay. 

His cheeks heated, and he could feel himself getting turned on despite his best efforts. Astridson’s cocky tone and his undoubtedly naked body behind him did not help. He could feel the heat of the other’s body along his back, searing his presence into Hiccup’s mind and cutting through the time between now and the last time he’d been in such proximity to him.

“Turn around, Hiccup.”

His lips twitched. Though that was his name, he’d always hated it and the history that went with it. It made him want to run even more now, so he heard himself rambling about having something to do. What it was, he had no idea, but he trusted his brain to have come up with something sensible and believable. The moment he realized that Astridson was distracted, he dove aside and tried to make his way to the other exit. 

Unfortunately, Astridson was the star rugby player. With his title and impressive winning streak, Hiccup was no match for him. His hand wrapped around Hiccup’s skinny arm and pulled him back with more force than Hiccup believed strictly necessary given the way his feet left the ground. It seemed Hiccup was going to have this conversation whether he liked it or not. Self-loathing and fear settled in his gut as his back hit the door with just enough force to get his heart racing but not enough to hurt or send him spiraling back to the days of Snotlout beating the shit out of him after school. 

He wasn’t sure what he would do if the handsome guy he’d been crushing on since the first day at university turned out to be just like his horrible excuse for a cousin. Especially since Hiccup hadn’t been able to forget exactly how well-endowed and how skilled Astridson was with alcohol in his blood. 

He shivered as the thought passed and willed it away.

Astridson captured his jaw and lifted his face so Hiccup had to look into his rather amused blue eyes. 

“How long did you expect to be able to run from me, Hiccup?” Astridson cocked his head. “Until we graduated? The rest of your life?”

“Running? Who said anything about–”

Hiccup froze as Astrid put his thumb on Hiccup’s tongue and cursed himself when his mouth closed around it like it was the most natural thing in the world. It was an uncanny and fever-pitched echo of that night in Astridson’s room during that damnable party Snotlout had in his flat.

“Better,” he grinned. “Though you’re still in trouble for making me hunt you down like this.”

Hiccup flinched, his mouth tightened and again he wanted to kick himself in the face with his metal leg. Astridson gave him a smug smirk and Hiccup turned his head and pushed at his unmoving chest. 

“Please just let me go. I swear, I won’t tell anyone or –”

Astridson tipped his chin up to meet his burning blue eyes, “Why would I do that, Hiccup? What are you playing at?”

“What am I– What are you playing at?”

“I was trying to get you back in a bed, my bed preferably, bent over the way you seemed to like so much before and after taking you out for dinner.”

Hiccup swallowed the words he wanted to scream. 

“Sometime after you’re done with that godforsaken project that’s had you so tense, I plan on tasting every inch of that tattoo on your spine that you think I didn’t notice.”

Hiccup’s face heated, “B-But… but you’re…”


“You… you’re straight.”

Astridson threw his head back and laughed. 

“Don’t laugh at me!”

“I was not nearly drunk enough to ever think about using that as a reason for what happened,” Astridson licked his lips and leveled Hiccup with an expression that Hiccup found inexplicably hot. “And neither were you.”

Hiccup’s jaw snapped shut, and Astridson stepped back, “So, are you having lunch with me at the cafe on campus, or am I going to have to hunt you down again?”


“Of course,” Astridson wrapped an arm around Hiccup’s waist. “No one’s coming in here for another hour, plenty of time to make you agree to at least lunch.”

He leaned in close and breathed in Hiccup’s ear, “I have other ways of making you cooperative for dinner at my place though.”

Hiccup knew it was a bad idea. The hundred of ways this could backfire on him were too damn apparent, but Astridon’s mouth was on his, his tongue licking the breath out of him, and his hand was sliding under the waistband of his pants to cup his ass.

Hiccup tried, really he tried, to stop the man from stumbling them back towards the shower stall he’d been using, careful to turn off the water before stripping Hiccup naked and lifting him into his arms with ease and intention to fuck him in the rugby showers. 

This was such a bad idea, reckless, stupid, and completely–

Right, he moaned as Astridson slipped a finger into him, perfectly balanced on slick and painful to make Hiccup shudder. 

Damn Astridson for remembering how he liked it.

“Oh, please–”

Astridson slid another finger into him and curled them just enough that Hiccup jerked, fighting against Astrid’s iron hold as he cried out.

He really tried. 

Really, he–

“Oh gods, Astridson!”

Astridson chuckled, nibbling at Hiccup’s neck as he worked his cock into him, “All or nothing, Haddock.”

“All,” he gasped, “Fuck, all.”

E.J. Wolfe

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