Don't Forget The Sun

Part 2

Lafayette let out a breath, licked his lips, and told him about Jesus. The man he’d loved and killed because of a power he didn’t fully understand, nor was he fully rid of. The guilt and sleepless nights, waking up screaming– the voices and his fears. James laced his fingers in Lafayette’s and listened to each syllable, the shuddering of Lafayette’s body, the rise and fall of his heartbeat until Lafayette fell silent against him, lost to the trembling terror of what James would say now.

When Lafayette arrived home, he wasn’t exactly sure what he’d arrived home to besides music he didn’t even know he had and the sight of a half-naked, extremely sexy vampire dancing around in his house long before sundown. It had been about a week since Lafayette had woken up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, a note on his bedside table, and a slightly sinking feeling in his stomach. They still hadn’t really talked about what had happened at the Life-Affirming Party or where they stood now. Sure, they’d gone to Sookie’s holiday get-together but there was still that… distance, partially an unspoken necessary distance and partially a terror at the pit of his stomach.

He’d painted his nails and smoked every day to still his trembling hands against the panic. Jesus hadn’t come back to speak with him, so it seemed that his mediumship had either been revoked or just wasn’t working in the aftermath of all of that. 

Changing rockin’ rollin’ minds…

Lafayette got out of the car to the sound of Wild Cherry coming from his in-home stereo. He unlocked the door and stepped in to just watch for just a minute. James had more rhythm than the average white person, he mostly chalked that up to him being a musician and from a time of much different pharmacy, but there was honestly something different about the way he moved that Lafayette couldn’t put his finger on. He wasn’t high, he knew that much, too steady on his feet, just enjoying moving his body around. Not at vampire speed, just a comfortable human sway to the funk coming from the stereo and no regard to Lafayette in the doorway. 

“You should join me,” James said as Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” began to play. “I couldn’t remember the last time funkin’ out was this fun.”

“Boyfriend,” Lafayette began. “Mind explaining the daytime shuffle? And where the hell you’ve been for the last week?”

James turned, lowering the volume on the music and regarding Lafayette. It’s then he realized that James hadn’t just been dancing around like a man high on acid, but crying streaks of red down his face as well. 

“I,” he started. “I… went home.”

Lafayette swallowed, stepping closer to pull James into his arms, “I don’t think a daytime shuffle is going to help that.”

James laughed, “I feel like I’ve been an ocean for a week. Didn’t know sunlight was going to feel that good.”

Lafayette tugged him towards the couch, shaking in his cool skin as they sat together and Lafayette took his hand. 

“Damn, boyfriend, never seen you this shaken up. What the fuck happened?”

“I went home,” was all he could say and Lafayette had a feeling that it would take a lot more than just a simple question to get answers out of him. “Saw my Dad– middle of the day.”

“Yet another thing you’re going to have to explain, lover,” Lafayette said looking at him as James leaned onto his shoulder. “When’s the last time you ate?”

“Had a can a while ago.”

Lafayette let out a sigh; at the least, he wasn’t starving himself, “Slept?”

“Can’t say.”

Lafayette nodded, “Alright love child, how about we get some sustenance in you and then get your sexy ass to bed, hm?”

James smiled, sliding a hand up the column of Lafayette’s neck, a thumb resting on his pulse, stroking gently. 

“Are you offering?”

Lafayette scoffed, “Nah, lover, I was actually going to direct you to the steaks in my fridge.”

He let out a soft chuckle, “I’m not hungry… but I’ll take the rest.”

There’s a skip of Lafayette’s heart that makes James feel a little devious. He’s sure it’s the soda fizz in his blood, the pulse of music in his blood, and this oppressing freedom he’s been feeling since walking back, so he stands and he takes Lafayette’s hands to lead him back through the hallway towards Lafayette’s bedroom. 

“Are you in for the night?”

“Something like that,” Lafayette said following him. “Whatcha you got on your mind?”

“That I’m an asshole,” he said. “And while I don’t believe in violence, I’ve been committing it in the worst way against you.”

Lafayette titled his head, topped with its usual ankara, today in a brilliant and shimmering yellow that matched the brightness of his nails. 

“You been sneaking a taste while I’ve been sleeping?”

He chuckled, “No, just pretending that we could get on the way we have been.”

Lafayette’s heart skipped again and he could feel it in his pulse as he turned them so Lafayette was up against the door to his bedroom. 


“Any chance I could apologize hard enough for being a total ass?”

Lafayette thought about it for just a moment. It wasn’t often that he was pinned against his own bedroom door, and it wasn’t often that he was in such proximity to anyone he could really have a connection with… not sense Jesus anyway. 

“Depends,” Lafayette said. “What’d you have in mind?”

It’s the smirk on James’ face that makes Lafayette’s stomach flip. He’s pretty sure he’s never seen that look on his face before… or really on anyone’s face directed at him. It’s the kind of look that could mean trouble or the kind of wave that you can’t synthesize in the lab. 

“Are you off tomorrow?”

“Uh, yeah.”

It’s the gleam of James’s teeth in the dark that does it. His jeans are suddenly unbearably tight and while the last time it had been James bent over and gasping, he’s pretty sure that James’s plans for him included that plus a few extras that would make Lafayette beyond grateful that he wouldn’t be called in for work in the morning. 

“Good,” he said softly, reaching around Lafayette’s hip to grab for the doorknob, pressing his body up against Lafayette’s. It’s the first time that he realized that James was, in fact, taller than him, not by much, but enough that it was noticeable. 

“I’m going to feed on you Lafayette, slow, deliberate tiny things while I take you apart– open you up and slide in and when you’re too tired to hold yourself up. I’m going to put you on your back and ride you straight out of this plane of existence.”

Lafayette blinked, “Well damn.”

James smirked, “Promise it’ll be better than Tuinal.”

“Well then, take me on a ride then.”

James turned the knob and walked with his hands on Lafayette’s hip, slow drags of his mouth against Lafayette’s, his cheek and neck like whispers of moonlight on his skin. The first prick of fangs feels like a gentle nip, one that sends a shock of pleasure through him in the midst of all the gentle pleasure. James’s hands skim over Lafayette’s shoulders, sliding his jacket down his arms, undoing the buttons of his shirt and sliding it off. Lafayette trembles a bit as James dragged the tip of his fingers up the center of Lafayette’s chest, kissing gently, slowly as he undid the button on the man’s pants.

Lafayette had vampire and human lovers before, but he can’t remember any of them taking their time like this. Or perhaps because he knew how fast James could move it seemed as though he was taking his time.  Usually, he would be impatient, but there’s something about the way James touches him, like every point of contact is a spot of sunlight and blood, gold and ecstasy that’s meant to be savored that he can’t do anything but squirm as James’s lips go lower, opening tiny spots of blood on his dark skin to suck at gently, careful not to hurt more than is pleasurable until Lafayette is completely naked save the light makeup he wore and that guarded look on his face. James only smiles carefully to nip his tongue for just a second before kissing Lafayette. His body arched up as James slid his tongue towards the back of his throat. The taste of tequila and lime, his blood, sugar, and Lafayette making his head spin. But it’s the sound that Lafayette makes that nearly sends him over the edge. 

Partially, the addition of his blood into the kiss, partially the sheer carnality of the act given that it had been a week since he’d last seen James and too long since that interruption at Sookie’s house party. He makes these quiet little moans and choked sounds as James does exactly as he promised, opening tiny cuts and lapping at them until they stop bleeding, healing them in turn as he slid his hands over Lafayette’s skin. So warm, so very alive and thriving, like his heart and spirit like soda fizz and sunlight. 

When it hits the back of his throat, Lafayette cries out, grasping desperately at James’s hair and pleading. For more, for less, for something that isn’t this slow torture while James spreads his legs and manages to find a whole new way to make Lafayette squirm beneath him. 

He never realized how soft James’ hands were, though most vampires had soft hands. It’s more than just the touch, but how gentle he is stroking Lafayette and biting into his neck. It’s heady enough to catch Lafayette off guard. It makes him scramble for purchase on an ever-moving floor. James kept tugging at the rug beneath his feet, sure to keep him unbalanced and falling over himself, tumbling as he slid into him so gently that Lafayette could only close his eyes and hold on for dear life. 

He’d had sex with plenty of people, vampire and human alike, but never like this. So very full, so very tender, hands locked together as James stroked into him, human in his tenderness yet vampire in his force, making Lafayette check on his breath. 

He pulled him up to sit in his lap, his full weight forcing James up into him and hiding his face into the crook of James’s neck, guiding his hips, driving James deeper and breaking Lafayette apart. His tongue and teeth sucking and kissing the words and pleas for mercy from Lafayette’s mouth until the man shook, slumping against James. 

As promised, James pulled free of Lafayette and lay him down before straddling his hips. Lafayette hissed at the tightness and warmth as James sank with his hands on Lafayette’s chest. His eyes fluttered and the last sight he had was of James looking at him so tenderly, mouth open in pleasure, eyes fluttering as he came, still riding him hard and deep. 

When he woke up, James was curled up beside him, an arm around his waist, lips pressed to his shoulder, still as the dead, but warm against him, beneath the sheets. His body ached but he felt a tingling feeling down to his toes. 

“He’s cute.”

Lafayette choked on a breath seeing Jesus sitting on the bed looking at the two of them. He smiled at him.

“Glad you found some peace, Lafayette,” Jesus said, kneeling as Lafayette stared at him. “Don’t be afraid to let him in, yeah? I know you.”

Lafayette swallowed but before he could say anything, Jesus pressed the ghost of his fingertips to Lafayette’s mouth.

“Shh,” Jesus said. “Sleep, you’ll need it.”

Lafayette lay down, staring at Jesus smiling at him, standing. In his jeans and t-shirt, barefoot and comfortable. 

“I love you, La-La.”

His mouth quirked, “I’m sorry.”

Jesus snorted, “I’m not.”

He vanished then as James began to stir. 

“Lafayette?” James asked, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “Are you alright?”

Lafayette nodded, “I think. We should talk.”

James pulled Lafayette closer to him, “Okay.”

Lafayette let out a breath, licked his lips, and told him about Jesus. The man he’d loved and killed because of a power he didn’t fully understand, nor was he fully rid of. The guilt and sleepless nights, waking up screaming– the voices and his fears. James laced his fingers in Lafayette’s and listened to each syllable, the shuddering of Lafayette’s body, the rise and fall of his heartbeat until Lafayette fell silent against him, lost to the trembling terror of what James would say now. 

“It wasn’t your fault,” he said gently and Lafayette said nothing as James pulled him close, seeming so warm though he was completely silent. There was no beating heart to listen to, no breathing either, but James’s presence and warmth there.

E.J. Wolfe

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