Ronald grit his teeth, pacing the common room. It should have been impossible, really. He’d followed the instructions, but there was nothing for it. Harry had stopped midstep as the hall was evacuated and raced away without so much as a word to him, tearing down the hall as if Dementors were chasing him.

That had been an hour ago. Ron didn’t know where he went, or why, so he stayed in the common room waiting for him to come back. 

When he did, he was with Hermione. They were leaned together in solemn silence, hands entwined and Harry sported a small limp. Her eyes were wet and Harry’s eyes were aglow. 

“What the bloody hell, mate?”

Harry looked at him, his eyes vacant almost before he looked down and then at Hermione. 

“I’m not leaving your side until I’m sure you’re alright.”

Harry chuckled, “Madam Pomfrey said I’ll be fine.”

Her jaw trembled and she hugged him. “You are my very best friend, Harry Potter… but if you ever jump on another troll, I will be very cross with you.”

Harry grinned and hugged her back, “I understand. You’re my best friend too.”

She pulled back and turned without so much as a glance in Ronald’s direction to the girl’s dormitory. 

“Hermione… wasn’t at dinner, so she didn’t know about the troll.”

Ronald clenched his fists, “You could have said something. I could have helped.”

Harry frowned, “I… didn’t think about it that way. I’m sorry, Ron.”

“How’d you get a limp?” Ronald asked leading him up the stairs. 

“The troll wasn’t in the dungeons… It was in the girl’s bathroom… It was attacking Hermione when I got there.”

Harry had jumped onto the troll trying to buy time for her to escape and the troll had gotten a hold of him and crushed his leg. What happened after that, he wasn’t exactly sure.  He heard a shriek, then he was on the ground and the troll was on the ground. 

The professors came and Hermione told them what happened. 

“We earned about fifty points for Gryffindor,” he chuckled getting into bed. “My leg is bruised, but it’s not broken anymore.”

“You should have…”

Harry was asleep moments later and Ronald huffed. He wondered if Dumbledore knew about this and that the plan to get Hermione to leave Hogwarts wasn’t working.

Ronald climbed into bed and tried to calm down. It would work out, one way or the other.

E.J. Wolfe

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