People have questions– we have answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. As time progresses, we will add to the list and try to keep everyone up to date. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please let us know on the contact us page! We’re a two-person team, but we’ll do our best to answer your questions and reply to your comments within 48 hours.

What kind of content does Fanatic Musings publish?

We publish everything from fanfiction to webtoons, at least that’s the plan. Due to current time constraints, we are focusing on web novels of various genres including LGBTQ+ narratives. They are (for the most part) explicit. We pull no punches and give no more than a cursory warning on the story’s profile. Please heed the warnings we place. If you think you may be triggered or adversely affected by anything in the story, proceed with caution or find something else to read.

Do you offer a membership for early access or other benefits?

Yes… sort of. We have a patreon page through which you can gain access to patron-only content. However, at the moment, we have no rewards specifically for patrons. In the future, when we have the ability to, we will so stay tuned!

How can I support Fanatic Musings?

You are truly an angel for even asking! We plan for Fanatic Musings to always be free so whether your support is monetary or not, here’s a few ways everyone can support Fanatic Musings and the artists that we support:
Spread the word! It’s free, you might already do it. The next chapter of a story might not be as cute as the cat picture you’re thinking about, but to someone who prefers dogs, maybe they’ll reply with a smiley face instead of their usual eye roll.
Make a small monthly pledge through Patreon. Patreon is a service made for it. You can click the button below to see our page and read more about it.
Make a one-time donation through Paypal if monthly pledges aren’t your thing. A normal donation still works in this age of Patreon.
In the future, we’ll have more options like things for sale and so on, but for now, this is it.

What are my donations used for?

1- Hosting first off. You can’t enter these wonderful worlds without hosting!
2- Author and Editor bribes. With enough money, bribes could become payments which means more content.
3- Fanatic Musings recruitment and future goals like an actual web developer to maintain the site.

How often do you publish?

Currently, it’s when we can, but we’re working towards having a more consistent schedule when we have the content and the time. Most stories have a general publishing frequency mentioned on the story’s home page.

What’s with the name Fanatic Musings?

The site is named in the spirit of our mission to foster and indulge every muse we have, even if she’s a bit crazy.

Why don’t you use ads?

We believe that ads only detract from the reader experience and are just plain unnecessary. Your support goes a long way!