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Gemini Queen by River Rowan

 Greetings and happy July!

We hope everyone out there has stayed safe during this crazy COVID-19 crisis and is getting back to their normal lives in some form.

We are pleased to announce the start of a new series called Gemini Queen by River Rowan! Gemini Queen is a fantasy, LGBTQ, bodice-ripping romance wrapped in a love letter to all that is great about sexy men loving other sexy men. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can start reading it here.

If you would like to support the story monetarily, you can do so via our Patreon or Fanatic Musings Paypal! If you’d just like to support the story in general, spread the word about it on social media! Any and all support is highly appreciated and welcome!The base release rate is three chapters a week, but that will increase based on what goals we hit. The first four goals increase the base rate of release by one chapter and each goal comes with their own level of fancy, super-secret content for patrons-only. It might be bonus chapters. It could be sneak peeks at future stories or exclusive artwork. You never know… (Read: It’s probably one of those things. ๐Ÿ˜‰) 

We’ve released the first seven chapters of Gemini Queen this morning. Going forward, the story will be updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until we meet the first goal. 


To the east of the Golden Sea lies Erset, a country known for its military prowess. The once salos of Erset has become malikos, almost eleven years after the murder of his parents and the coup that drove him into hiding. After cutting through the hordes of invaders from Enox to the north, he has claimed all of Luria for Erset and the title of maharos. 

To the west of the Golden Sea lies the peaceful alliance of Riceal, Grigari, and Archios, led by the nation of Bjori and its twin emira. Although plagued by magical terrors, the continents thrive under Bjoriโ€™s leadership and repel the country of Enox to the north, but it is not enough to guarantee lasting peace. Five years have passed since the assassination of the Arka and Royal Consort of Bjori. The twin emira will soon come of age to marry, and the eldest will be crowned. 

To end the threat of Enox once and for all, the alliance and the empire of Erset must stand together, but that is easier said than done when both nations are plagued with political intrigue, betrayals, and hidden agendas.

There is treachery in every shadow and the path to peace and vengeance is not as easy as anyone would hope. 

Stay the course, my salos.

Have faith, my emira.

All that transpires in the dark shall come to light. 

Comment, like, and enjoy!

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