Harmony 3K Bingo Challenge

    A loving shout out to the Harmony community on H/HR – H.M.S. Harmony They are a great bunch. I joined about a week ago and dashed into signing up for the Trope Bingo event they’re hosting to celebrate hitting 3,000 members the day before I joined.

    Apparently, I missed being 3K on the dot by about 24 hrs, but who cares about that!

    It’s a little lucky and a little crazy consider I’m not done with the 1 Million for Black!Hermione. Lucky, in that it takes some of the pressure off myself to generate the rest of the 1 Million (coming soon to Fanatic Musings. I’m just… throwing some more polish on it all), and crazy because I have no business joining or assigning myself any more challenges.

    I never said I had no sense of recklessness, just that it wasn’t geared towards drag racing-like activities.

    I’ve said over and over that Viktory will (likely) be the star of my 1 Million collection, but there’s nothing wrong with a little variety. I did have a thing for DracoxHermione (I hate the name Dramione. Can we agree on another name, please?)

    The Challenge

    Harmony 3K Bingo board
    Board assigned 3/19/21

    Obviously, the goal is to get 5 diagonal, horizontal, or vertical, but I’m a bit of an overachiever, so I’m planning to fill the board. 🙂

    There are rules to the madness. I’m not supposed to use the same work for more than one trope. I can read and review up 2 out of the 5 needed for a bingo. No restrictions on art or fics. I wish I had the sense (or control) to just write a drabble or two, but I recognize my limitations and hope that none of these tropes turn into sprawling epics that take another five years to complete.

    I’ll try to keep the world updated and somewhat hold myself accountable for this. Let’s see how this goes.

    Disclaimer: If I break the sight again before many people get to see this, I’m sorry. I really did try and I probably meant to just change the color of the font or something.

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