Harmony 3K Trope Bingo #2: Give Your Heart A Break (Hurt/Comfort)

Greeting lovely people, 

Still sailing on the S.S. Harmony. Give Your Heart A Break is the 2nd installment of my participation in the Harmony 3K Bingo Challenge. I kind of wish I had waited a little closer to Halloween to post it, but I think I have a plan for Halloween too, so it’ll all work out somehow (some way.)

All these Harmony stories are doing wonders for reaching my 1 Million for Black Hermione goal by November of this year.  

Thank you Demi Lovato for a spark of inspiration!

It’s a one-shot. Let me know your thoughts about this short of a piece. I’m trying to experiment with a bunch of different modes of writing.

I’ll finish this. I promise. I think I have a plan for everything on the board and they’re all stories! 

Until next time, y’all!

E.J. Wolfe

By BadLuckVixen13

Hello all!
You might know me from and, but I'm on Deviant Art and Newgrounds! There's a story I promised to revamp and am very excited about doing so for Fanatic Musings. I bet you can't guess which one~! How could you? I have so many.

In any case, I'm also a regular on Nanowrimo, so feel free to hit me up there or anywhere else.

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