Stories And Their Statuses

Howdy everyone, 

It’s been a while since anyone has posted on this site. Between mental health, work, money issues, and a few other issues we’ve put it to a vote and came up with the following:

  1. Some of the authors can’t meet the originally proposed timelines, so their stories will be on hold/hiatus until they can pick it back up regularly. 
  2. Fanatic Musings as a site will be going through some restructuring as a site, so stay tuned about an update for that. 
  3. We all need a break!

Fanatic Musings is a project of love that currently can’t be anyone’s main job because it doesn’t make any money. That means, in general, that this is probably going to happen and persist until we all get a little more stable in our lives that this can be a consistent hobby/side business/etc. 

As of today, these are the changes that will be made:

  1. E.J. Haven’s The Black Forest will be on hold until she feels comfortable with posting again. 
  2. E.J. Wolfe’s At Helheim’s Gate will be on hold until she can catch up with editing/drafting and the restructuring can be done on her section of the site. Raison D’ Etre will be on hiatus indefinitely and will not be released until the entire story has been edited. 
  3. Fanfictions will be posted as they are made available, but the authors in question have two priorities and until those are done they will not be posting much else. 

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and promise that we’re all working really hard to get life to calm the hell down for longer than a few weeks at a time. 

Happy Creating and we’ll see you when we get back!

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