At Helheim’s Gate- On Hold

Author: E.J. Wolfe

Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy


Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content

Status:  In Progress, On Hiatus

Tag(s): black female character family relationships coming of age fantasy dragons romance magical world family

Author’s Note: This is going to be a very long story. There will be starts, stops and so on because of the planned length, but enjoy!


Beyond the shoreline of Norway, in the middle of the Greenland Sea, lies the  Áseldaskáli Archipelago, the Fire-Hall of the Gods, home to some of the most ancient dragon species and a collection of Nordic tribes known to the world as the Rekkr Vinfengi. As of three hundred years ago, when the islands of the Rekkr Vinfengi were included in the European and World Alliance, it has also been known to most people as the birthplace of dragons.

Not much has changed from the beginning of the Rekkr Vinfengi to the year 2014, while the rest of the world has taken a running start with magic. While other places have skyscrapers, a lot of the draw of the archipelago is the old world simplicity of it. It wasn’t the tourist trap that other places were, but they had enough tourists come through that the economy of the archipelago was stable.

On the island of Calder, names were chosen based on the time of the year a person is born. If your birthday coincided with someone of your family line, you were named in their honor. Unfortunately, the closest ancestor in a young man’s line is a name that will haunt him for his entire life and all the superstition that came with it. No matter how his mentor and father figure claims that it is a name to be worn with pride, he knows that the look in his father’s eyes, the hilmir of their island and leader of the Rekkr Vinfengi, is everything but pride.

After all, a Bregðask is a bregðask, and no Bregðask has lived past the age of twenty either struck down by sickness or combat. The current record was actually fifteen years old thanks to him.

He only had to hold out until he turned twenty years old so he could be legally old enough to travel beyond the archipelago and maybe leave the horrible name behind.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy.

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Last Updated: May 7, 2019
arfi A title meaning "heir", usually reserved for male heirs on Calder as only male heirs have ever inherited the position of leader of the clan
hilmirChief of an island and typically chief of a tribe.
dugrforingiLiterally "Courage Captain," acts as the chief advisor of military strategy and second in command to the hilmir.
jormangandrbregðaskyldr (Also knows as bregðaskyldr or skyldr) This is a term used only in the Nordic part of the world are people with the souls of dragons that inherit dragon mannerisms through their bloodlines. They're all marked with a birthmark on their left foot, corresponding to the origin of their bregðaskyldr blood. They're all left handed and can commune with dragons, Bregðaskyldr is the Norse term for these, people but they not limited to the the Norse continents. Anywhere there are dragons there are bregðaskyldr as well.
erfingiThe formal title for the next heir of the hilmirship. It is a title akin to "Crowned Prince" or "Crowned Princess." On Calder, only male children have ever been named erfingi and the title is typically given when the child reaches twenty years of age.
galdrTypically refers to runic spells in seiðr practice, but can refer to all kinds of spells in seiðr practice.
seiðr the cultural name oft he Norse magic system headed by the Norse pantheon.
SkammdegíLiterally "short winter days". The term refers to polar nights when the days re dark all the time or ther is very little sunlight between late November and late January.
skipforingiLiterally "Boat Captain," this person is in charge of getting the ship out of harbor and back home in one piece.
ströndforingiLiterally "Dock Captain," this person is responsible for running the docks, managing incoming and outgoing ships. They are also, typically, the first line of defense in case of an attack on the island. They stand on equal footing with the dugrforingi except in times of war where they would typically answer to them.
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Place NameArea/Country/ContinentNotes and Descriptions
Áseldaskáli ArchipelagoGreenland SeaHome to the Rekr Vinfengi, a collection of islands between Norway and Greenland.
AsketillUnknown (presumed to be in the Arctic Circle)Home to the Ketill tribe who are believed by the rest of the Rekkr Vinfengi to be descended from Loki. It is led by the Eldinghögg clan.
BjørnÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoAn island connected to Mjöllnir by a strait, it completely lacks magic and is a part of the Rekkr Vinfengi. It is home to the Gunnulf tribe and led by the Estur clan.
CalderÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Ragnulf tribe and led by the Harvard clan.
FreyrÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Angot tribe and led by the Asgaut clan.
HarangÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Frar tribe and led by the Unfrid clan.
HarulfÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Thorgard tribe and led by the Norgard clan.
HouelgateÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Auber tribe and led by the Holgata clan.
KemetAfricaKnown to most as "Egypt", Kemet formally spans farther south than "Egypt" into Sudan and west into Libya.
MjöllnirÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoAn island connected to Bjørn via a strait, it lacks magic and is in opposition to the Rekkr Vinfengi because of their truce with Asketill.Home to the Aumont tribe, it is led by the Gerdfrid clan.
TurgisÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Varangr Tribe and lead by the Rabec clan.
VilulfÁseldaskáli ArchipelagoA member of the Rekkr Vinfengi, home to the Guillhour tribe and led to the Onfroi clan.
NameIsland Of OriginOther Notes
Aslog ThorgillCalderThe former champion archer of Calder and a friend of Bregðask.
Bregðask Hjálp Harvard VICalderThe only son of Svein Harvard and the þjóðann of Calder.
Dagur NorgardHarulfThe current hilmir of Harul Island and leader of the Thorgard Tribe.
Dvalarr NjallCalderThe arfi of the Njall family and a friend of Bregðask.
Hilda Vanagr (nee Harvard)CalderSvein's twin sister and Bregðask's aunt.
Eira OsulfCalderThe only daughter of the late Finn and Helka Osulf. Currently a ward of her aunt and uncle, Dag and Solveig Osulf, she is the reigning ax throwing and melee champion of Calder.
Gardar HarouBjørnCalder's blacksmith and Bregðask's uncle
Øydís Renouf (nee Harvard)CalderBregðask's aunt, the mother of Ullr and Sigfrøðr, and wife of Sigfúss.
Sigfrøðr RenoufCalderThe arfi of the Renouf clan and Bregðask's cousin.
Sigfúss RenoufCalderThe current dugrforingi of Calder, Bregðask's uncle, and the father of Ullr and Sigfrøðr.
Svein HarvardCalderThe current hilmir of Calder and Bregðask's father
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