The Black Forest- On Hold

Genres: Romance, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Action, Psychological

Author: E.J. Haven

Status: On Hold 

Winters in the Black Forest are known to be harsh and unforgiving. In the past, it has lasted over a year, nearly halting the German metal trade. Whether the winters were punishment for Germany’s part in the last major war of Europe or a curse, no one knew, but the people of old Germany knew to offer a prayer to the gods whenever they looked towards the mountains that it would end soon.

In 3898, the forest was quarantined indefinitely as the winter has simply stayed too long and became too fierce to penetrate with a search party. Trade routes were changed, the Baden-Württemberg economy staggered on without its metal trade and German steel became more valuable than gold in Europe. A year later a caravan of five hundred and fifty-four adults and one minor walked out of the snowdrift and into Freiburg.

When the winter that has held the Black Forest hostage for years begins to advance, the truth of what happened when the forest was quarantined will have to be revealed, but there is only one question to be asked: What do you know of the wolf in the mountain?

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