1MBH Reposts

What’s up, y’all!

I’m starting a massive edit and upload spree for 1 Million For Black Hermione start with A Man In The Kitchen–How Could I Resist?! If you don’t know you about it, you can read about it and see the official word count on ao3.org.

As I edit through the old works to actually see where I stand, I have developed this very handy tracker and these are the stats after my last update!

I cannot begin to express how happy seeing anything over 800k written (not published) makes me. Sweet Merlin, Salazar, Helga, Rowena, Harry Potter, I did not think I would make it! Word of advice for anyone who is as insane as I am and is thinking about starting a challenge like this: please, have a plan. I have been winging it from day one and it has caused me quite a bit of grief. 

Hoping to wrap up all the in-progress stories I have soon, hoping to get all the stories I’m working on behind the scenes done soon as well. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

I should really have a standard shorthand for this challenge #1MBH seems to be it.

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