S+P Webtoon Hiatus and Serial Posting

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while.. like over a year at this point. If you came here from Naver Webtoon, I’m terribly sorry. We had every intention of picking back up in January but #life, #catastrophe, #tragedy, and #murphyslaw happened, and we just couldn’t.

If any of you read BadLuckVixen13’s stories over on Ao3.org, then you know that 2018 has really done a number on her. What she didn’t tell you is that it started WAY before the beginning of 2018 a just sort of came to a head in August.

Luckily, the editors and managers at Fanatic Musings are so understanding and came up with the idea to turn S+P into a serial since the scripts are relatively easier to complete and convert than illustrate. The plan to launch it as a serial will be taking place 2019 (hopefully early 2019). With some careful planning and some deep breaths, the Vixen of Vixenviews will have replenished her proverbial candle enough to carve some real time out of to draw and release S+P the way we want it a.k.a. two full chapters a month regularly, well-colored, in good quality on Naver and FM. (There’s a good chance for that since she took 2018 Fall semester off completely and may only be picking up a very light schedule in 2019. Fingers crossed.)

Perhaps, since it’s the first day of Nanowrimo we’ll get it extremely early. 🙂

For now, S+P, as it’s been drawn so far, will remain up on Naver and on FM so that when the revamp is started/done (more than halfway complete) then the content can just be replaced.

Until then, look forward to S+P in its serial form here and thanks for understanding!


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