So you want to publish with us.


First, here’s a bit about Fanatic Musings as a publishing company.

Fanatic Musings is a small, online publishing company incorporated in 2017. We’ll host just about anything depending on the quality. We generally prefer to publish and amateur artists looking to share their work, be noticed, be seen, and generally develop a creative community. 

Since we do not physically print anything we publish, this gives us a whole lot more flexibility about what and how we publish it (podcasts, videos, fanfictions, etc). We use our Tumblr blog (Musings) to introduce new artists, interview them, give them a chance to answer fan questions, etc. Our What’s New page is simply a feed of everything published across the site for people who just like to wander sites and click around.

Why is supporting amateur artists important? Why is developing a network and community surrounding novice artists of all medias important? Well, in the words of Helen Hayes, “The expert at anything was once a beginner.”  The novices of today, the staff included, may become the experts of tomorrow, and we feel that it’s important to support that future.

We understand the struggle of compiling ideas, networking with other artists, organizing collaborations, and getting anything published. It’s part of the reason we started Fanatic Musings in the first place!

Submission Basics

When you send in a submission to Fanatic Musings, you may not immediately get a personalized response. We simply don’t have the staff to do so; however, know that when you get your personalized response anywhere from two weeks to thirty days later (depending on the volume of submissions), it will contain notes, critiques, and further talks if you’re still interested in publishing your work with Fanatic Musings. Depending on what kind of work it is, we’ll contact you or set you up with access to the site so that you can post your works at your own pace.

As we said before, we accept pretty much everything creative year-round so long as it’s in English. Eventually, we’re looking to pay our artists for their hard-work but as it stands we just don’t have the funds to do so. That means there’s no reading or editing fee for your work, which is a win-win to a degree.  We also accept simultaneous submissions. We simply request that you let us know where else you’re submitting it and if it gets accepted as soon as possible. If the other place is your personal website or a site like A03, please feel free to link the post here to those as well.

General Guidelines

Generally, there are a few things that we need to have when you submit: genre, your name (or pseudonym) and a general rating. We don’t discriminate based on the genre, but we do caution that any submission that glorifies or seems to support ideologies antithetical to peace, love, and happiness will not be accepted.

Here are some of the types of things we publish:


That means full-color work, character concepts, comics, etc.  If you’re an illustrator looking to get your work used for other purposes like a novel cover we’re open to those submissions as well! In the future, we’ll ask for entries for covers of new works coming out, and if your submission appeals to us and the author we’ll probably use yours for the cover if you submit. If we do, we will let you know and you’ll still retain all rights to your work no matter what happens. Your submission will be placed in the gallery and you can feel free to add whatever other information that you’d like Fanatic Musings to know about you.

Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Other Written Works

Here’s where the bulk of the site is currently. We accept short, long, and serial forms of text-based work. We can publish series of things of course. 

Visual and Audio Works

That means podcasts, videos, and all that jazz. As you can see from the site currently, we don’t have any of that but we certainly have room for it! Let us know what you’re thinking, submit it or just shoot us a message via the Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you!

Other Things Of Note

Before you go, a quick note about serials, series, and so on. When we say “serial” we don’t simply mean chaptered stories, we mean anything that should be published in installments. Artwork, poetry, fiction, etc– we count it all. With that being said, different types of serials will be treated a little differently.

For serial fiction to be effective each of the chapters has to be published one after another, in order (not necessarily chronologically, but you get the meaning) and maintain the same quality throughout the series. If it’s a serial fiction that will span more than five chapters or so, we need at least a month’s worth of chapters up front before publishing just to ensure that the production of your work stays consistent for the readers. 

For artworks that are part of a series, you can submit each part as a “serial” from the beginning or simply one by one and let us know if they should be grouped with others or if it should be treated as a separate artwork.

For poems that should be a part of a series, you can choose to send them in with the heading of “serial” or as separate pieces. It’s your work so it’s up to you in the end.

In the case of special calls for submission, as in we publish a call for certain types of submissions, please follow the guidelines set forth by the submission call. If you are unsure, refer back to the general submission guidelines. 

If you submit your work…

Let’s say after reading all of these guidelines and boring mumbo-jumbo, you decide you want to publish with us. Well, hurray! Scroll down and submit your work. We aim to give as much feedback as we can about everything submitted within two weeks, but we ask that you please be merciful. We’re still people with full-time jobs that aren’t Fanatic Musings. The “Editor’s Package” might contain a redline of your work (grammar, punctuation, the basics) of some thematic/character/plot notes.

When your work gets chosen…

We will contact you to set up your profile with Fanatic Musings and get the process started to draft an artist announcement for you if you’d like one. The blurb on the website will serve as a monument to your greatness and can include any relevant information you’d like to add such as social media links and websites. It will only contain the information you’d like to have added so no worries about people messaging you that you don’t want to message you.

Before we publish it, we’ll send you a copy of your page(s) layout in case you want to make changes, add anything, etc.


We have the right to display any selected artwork with the story it was made for in the case of special submissions. We also have the right to archive it on our website in the Art Gallery. In the case of commissioned original work, artists retain all rights to use the work for merchandise or to post the work elsewhere once the story is live. However, we ask that the artist wait until the story is live before re-selling the work and that the piece is credited as originally appearing as an illustration for the story. In addition, we optionally ask the artist to grant us rights to use the work for limited-run, not-for-sale promotional items to advertise for the site. You can, of course, say no. If your work is chosen to be offered as a print, we’ll contact you to negotiate the terms.

Submissions to Fanatic Musings may be retained in our archives for editorial reference, but are treated as confidential correspondence. There is a chance the submissions from previous months will be considered with future month’s submissions for the sake of aligning with the theme of the month if there is one.

We do not guarantee absolute confidentiality. We may release material to the following parties and notify the author(s) involved if we share any work under the following circumstances:

  1. If we receive material containing explicit threats, either towards members of the staff or other individuals, in the form of a submission or as other communications, we may share such material with legal authorities;
  2. In an investigation of a specific incident of harassment or abuse, initiated by a third party organization (for example, a publisher or a convention committee), which specifically involves a work that has been submitted to Fanatic Musings we may consider sharing a copy of that work or communication with the relevant organization;
  3. We will comply with duly authorized subpoenas requesting material in our possession.

If you’d like to publish with us but aren’t sure if your work falls into one of the categories, have other questions, or generally want some clarification head over to the Contact Us page and ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Creating!

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