In Your Room

Hey everyone,    BadLuckVixen13 here with a new story. It’ll be published over the next three days and it is Harmony (Hermione x Harry) if you can believe it. It’s called In Your Room. It’s also posted on Ao3 if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Let me know what you think. The synopsis is below: You know every part of me I let you in, I let you see All the dark and every color of my room Let me do that for you And tell me all about your past Why you painted those walls black Baby (more…)

Of Marvel & Mayhem By E.J. Wolfe

Hey everyone, I originally wrote this for a creative writing class that I had. The review and critique of it was pretty surface, but I did some editing, stepped away from it, showed it to some other people and finally decided to let it go out into the word to increase its fortune. Of Marvel & Mayhem’s brief synopsis: A bus accident, a final brawl between him and the man he got his jaw from, and three weeks later, he’s slipping down the drain faster than anyone realizes. It will be okay though. There are green eyes that see everything (more…)

Welcome To Carmax By E.J. Wolfe

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful. I decided to switch it up and post a short story.  Please let me know what you think. I don’t have much practice with short stories, my mind tends to go the long form route. This particular short story started from a prompt on grief and loss as well as an exercise in subtext.  I think everyone should dip their toes in the realm of the short form and write a short story. I’ve noticed that it’s really strengthened my subtext and my ability to edit scenes. Try not to hold it (more…)

Can Anyone Help?

Hi everyone,  I feel very betrayed, yes, but this is also a call for help if anyone can. A while back I spoke about excavating the Wayback machine for my old winglin stories with major success. There was only one story that I didn’t already have and couldn’t get a complete file for. It got me thinking that I should try looking for my old Quizilla (R.I.P.) account as well and hope that maybe, just maybe, there was some hope.  For people who don’t know, Quizilla was a user-generated quiz site that was often used as a place to post fanfiction. Us fanfiction-posting (more…)

Raison D Etre 1: The Krad Duel

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the first chapter of Raison D’Etre is up! Thanks so much for reading and all of your support. If you’d like to learn how to support Fanatic Musings further, mosey on over the Support Us page. I would expect these updates to be every week, maybe every week and a half, but I’ll try to be consistent. I’m working on managing a lot of content right now and consolidating things to Fanatic Musings.  You can check out my other works here under BadLuckVixen13, on either my shared account or my personal account on AO3, or (more…)

Scattered Puzzle Pieces Up To Chapter 17

Hello, all of you! So glad you could make it back to read another chapter of Scattered Puzzle Pieces. This story means quite a lot to team Vixenviews, so we’re hoping it’ll mean as much to you as well. At some point, we will start posting this story on Ao3 for the purposes of archiving (Oh yeah!). If you don’t know what Ao3 is, please check them out. It’s a great community and there are tons of good stories that would be otherwise unwelcome on places like Here’s where we are in the story so far. We’ll try to (more…)

Of Marvel & Mayhem

For a cold, black moment, his breath stops and he tears torn free of R.E.M. and twenty-one days past.


Sometime closer to the zero hour, he’d pulled the army green fleece to tangle around him against his cold sweat. It does nothing for his shivering since it’s more holes than blanket, but it’s the only thing he has. Silence roars and stabs spikes of pain into his brain. He should be asleep. His body can’t take much more of this. He knows this, but he can’t. Read more “Of Marvel & Mayhem”

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