Of Marvel & Mayhem By E.J. Wolfe

Hey everyone, I originally wrote this for a creative writing class that I had. The review and critique of it was pretty surface, but I did some editing, stepped away from it, showed it to some other people and finally decided to let it go out into the word to increase its fortune. Of Marvel & Mayhem’s brief synopsis: A bus accident, a final brawl between him and the man he got his jaw from, and three weeks later, he’s slipping down the drain faster than anyone realizes. It will be okay though. There are green eyes that see everything (more…)

Welcome To CarMax

“Dad, just talk to the lady! She wants to help,” he said. “And be nice, please.” His grumpy old, military ram of a father huffed and he shook his head. He didn’t know why this was a good idea or how his wife had tricked him into– He thought of her big, glassy, nearly golden, hazel eyes and that pout that got him to do some insane things in college, and even crazier things at four in the morning. He wanted to curse the power she held over him with those eyes, but couldn’t help but smile too. Damn, he (more…)