Sonic Avengers

Hi everyone, I have a Teen Wolf story, Sonic Avengers, for you here. It updates every three days and there are exactly ten parts. The best part is that they’re all complete and scheduled into June. Look at that: the power of someone else managing my posting schedule. Let me know what you think of it and all the feels. A bit of warning though: Scott is not a good person in this one. I have a few others that are being run through the editing mill like this, but more on that some other time. As usual, thanks for (more…)


Greetings wayward internet surfers! Here’s an interpretation of the loveable Richard Grayson as a merman for MerMay 2019. You can see it in its full size here. I’ve never participated in MerMay or heard of it until this year, but I’m pretty excited about it. I have plenty of merfolk to draw! my only regret is that I totally screwed up his shoulder. You will notice that he is a POC (person of color). Yes, that is intentional. He’s Romani/Romany folks! I went with a distinctly Indian descent of that because it was inspired largely by the Richard Grayson of (more…)

Can Anyone Help?

Hi everyone,  I feel very betrayed, yes, but this is also a call for help if anyone can. A while back I spoke about excavating the Wayback machine for my old winglin stories with major success. There was only one story that I didn’t already have and couldn’t get a complete file for. It got me thinking that I should try looking for my old Quizilla (R.I.P.) account as well and hope that maybe, just maybe, there was some hope.  For people who don’t know, Quizilla was a user-generated quiz site that was often used as a place to post fanfiction. Us fanfiction-posting (more…)