Stories And Their Statuses

Howdy everyone,  It’s been a while since anyone has posted on this site. Between mental health, work, money issues, and a few other issues we’ve put it to a vote and came up with the following: Some of the authors can’t meet the originally proposed timelines, so their stories will be on hold/hiatus until they can pick it back up regularly.  Fanatic Musings as a site will be going through some restructuring as a site, so stay tuned about an update for that.  We all need a break! Fanatic Musings is a project of love that currently can’t be anyone’s (more…)

S+P Webtoon Hiatus and Serial Posting

Hey everyone! It’s been a while.. like over a year at this point. If you came here from Naver Webtoon, I’m terribly sorry. We had every intention of picking back up in January but #life, #catastrophe, #tragedy, and #murphyslaw happened, and we just couldn’t. If any of you read BadLuckVixen13’s stories over on, then you know that 2018 has really done a number on her. What she didn’t tell you is that it started WAY before the beginning of 2018 a just sort of came to a head in August. Luckily, the editors and managers at Fanatic Musings are so (more…)