Stories And Their Statuses

Howdy everyone,  It’s been a while since anyone has posted on this site. Between mental health, work, money issues, and a few other issues we’ve put it to a vote and came up with the following: Some of the authors can’t meet the originally proposed timelines, so their stories will be on hold/hiatus until they can pick it back up regularly.  Fanatic Musings as a site will be going through some restructuring as a site, so stay tuned about an update for that.  We all need a break! Fanatic Musings is a project of love that currently can’t be anyone’s (more…)

5 Tips to Control the Powerful, Dangerous, and Unruly Imagination

Hey everyone, E.J. Wolfe here, and I’d like to talk about something that’s been sort of plaguing me as a writer/creator person/thing for a while: the line between where creativity is good and destructive. Sounds strange, but let me be clear. Creativity is freaking awesome! Letting all of your brain power roam free at one time can be very freeing, and I know that, for a long time, writing, creating, etc. was my coping mechanism (and it will remain so if 2018 was anything to go by), but there comes a point where leaning on your creativity becomes harmful, mostly (more…)