“Paint With All The Colors…”

Who else is distracting themselves from finals? I am and what better way to do it than to draw. I said yesterday that I wanted to keep up with my art time and be more consistent, so here is day 2! Here’s the 5/5/2019 MerMay piece. Pocahontas was always one of my favorite Disney princesses even though they got the story so wrong! I chose this particular pose because it seemed so iconic for her. I mean a woman out of her time, looking into an uncertain future, is practically her call to fame, but if you notice I changed (more…)


Greetings wayward internet surfers! Here’s an interpretation of the loveable Richard Grayson as a merman for MerMay 2019. You can see it in its full size here. I’ve never participated in MerMay or heard of it until this year, but I’m pretty excited about it. I have plenty of merfolk to draw! my only regret is that I totally screwed up his shoulder. You will notice that he is a POC (person of color). Yes, that is intentional. He’s Romani/Romany folks! I went with a distinctly Indian descent of that because it was inspired largely by the Richard Grayson of (more…)