Fear and Face Stabbing

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the will to overcome it. — Some wise person What’s popping? So Nanowrimo is over. Surprise! I failed on the goal novel but did write over 100k for a new fanfiction that will ultimately likely never be finished. It is incredible to me how easy it is for me to start a story and how hard it is to finish one. I had a great conversation with a dear friend of mine and Alteringviews and had a bit of an epiphany in the hours after. I am afraid.I am afraid of success, (more…)

Of Marvel & Mayhem By E.J. Wolfe

Hey everyone, I originally wrote this for a creative writing class that I had. The review and critique of it was pretty surface, but I did some editing, stepped away from it, showed it to some other people and finally decided to let it go out into the word to increase its fortune. Of Marvel & Mayhem’s brief synopsis: A bus accident, a final brawl between him and the man he got his jaw from, and three weeks later, he’s slipping down the drain faster than anyone realizes. It will be okay though. There are green eyes that see everything (more…)

Black Forest 19: The Royal Forge Master’s Apprentice

Hello again everyone,  Welcome to chapter 19 of the Black Forest: The Royal Forge Master’s Apprentice. I hope you enjoy it! Reckless was the only word that came to mind. It had been reckless to ask Percival out, to sleep with him, and not get his name, but Lancelot hadn’t anticipated Lancelot shook his head, turned and walked back to East End feeling a little defeated. He spent the night alone, reading a book and trying not to think about Percival with no luck. As always thank you for your support. If you’d like to find out more ways to support Fanatic Musings, take (more…)

Back To Black

Happy Thursday, It is the first day of Nanowrimo y’all! WHOOO~!!! I’m feeling pretty good about this, trying to pull my creative life together. As such, I wrote this… literally in one day and decided to share it here and on Ao3. Let me know what you think in the comments on the chapter, and if you’d be interested in a part 2. Now without further to do Back To Black: She’d been a shallow blip in his life that he’d gotten over in the sheets of several hundred women in the months between and washed smoothe with the gallons of (more…)

Scattered Puzzle Pieces Up To Chapter 17

Hello, all of you! So glad you could make it back to read another chapter of Scattered Puzzle Pieces. This story means quite a lot to team Vixenviews, so we’re hoping it’ll mean as much to you as well. At some point, we will start posting this story on Ao3 for the purposes of archiving (Oh yeah!). If you don’t know what Ao3 is, please check them out. It’s a great community and there are tons of good stories that would be otherwise unwelcome on places like fanfiction.net. Here’s where we are in the story so far. We’ll try to (more…)

That Which Remains

Beyond the door, he could hear the steady thump–whoosh, thump– whoosh of the man’s heart beating and the scratch, scratch, scratch of his pen across paper. It was a familiar sound. It made him think of his parents, and the long hours, sometimes late into the night, they spent managing the family’s finances. He remembered being small enough to crawl into his father’s lap when he couldn’t sleep to watch them work. Before the pain of those thoughts could distract him, he knocked three times and waited for the man to grant him entry. It wasn’t long before he heard (more…)

Of Marvel & Mayhem

For a cold, black moment, his breath stops and he tears torn free of R.E.M. and twenty-one days past.


Sometime closer to the zero hour, he’d pulled the army green fleece to tangle around him against his cold sweat. It does nothing for his shivering since it’s more holes than blanket, but it’s the only thing he has. Silence roars and stabs spikes of pain into his brain. He should be asleep. His body can’t take much more of this. He knows this, but he can’t. Read more “Of Marvel & Mayhem”

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