Seduction + Pleasure


Story By: Vixenviews

Illustrator: BadLuckVixen13

Series: Seduction + Pleasure

Rating(s): Mature Content, Rape / Non-Con

Status: In Progress, On Hiatus

Tag(s): love gender fluid male character webtoons love = food trauma bad things happen to good people

Author’s Note: Hello everyone, so this story is on hiatus until a few years from now as we’re working on stories that that comes before this in the universe and we changed a lot about how we want to tell the story.


Dae Sung Kim has gone most of his life knowing that most people think he’s a girl. When he begins college at Duval University, his apparent gender identity is the least of his worries. After all, he has to pass his classes, make friends, regain his memories, and still figure out what these halos mean.

Last Updated: February 14, 2018