One-Shots and Updates

    Hello out there! Glad you could make it to this wacky, inconsistent show I have here. I just published a new fanfiction. Do Not Distub (Or My Husband Will Have Words) is a cure little Harmony one-shot I put together. Harry is a little shit, and Hermione, like the rest of Britain, just has to cave because what do you […]

    A Thousand Years

    Hey everyone, It’s my birthday, y’all! (I’m just kidding. My birthday is at the end of July.) It just feels like my birthday because I’ve finished a story: A Thousand Years! A Thousand Years is a Draco x Hermione story. It was heavily inspired by Christina Perri’s song and a rekindled love for Draco x Hermione. Lately, I’ve been considering […]

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