AHG 15: I Can Do It

Greetings readers, Chapter 15: I Can Do It of At Helheim’s Gate is up! Here’s a brief excerpt: “And as our days grow brighter, let us turn our eyes from the shadows of winter and find new life and meaning in the future days. And we should rejoice for the prosperity of Calder and it’s long future as a seat of power in the Rekkr Vinfengi. Uncompromised by the outside or a sense of weakness, may the strength of Vikings lead us forward into a glorious future.” Her fist tightened against her chest in the fabric of her wrap. She (more…)

AHG 14: And Give You All I Am

Greetings readers, Chapter 14: And Give You All I Am of At Helheim’s Gate is up! Here’s a brief excerpt: Loneliness pricked and punctured a wall that he hadn’t realized was thinning. It started as a slow leak somewhere inside him, but he’d known for a long time that there was an ocean on the other side, churning with every day to break it down. He felt the slow leak turn into splashes through the widening tear until the wall gave way, and all he could hear was the ocean not unlike the ocean surrounding the island calling him. “I (more…)

AHG 13: I Can Fake A Laugh

Howdy,  Chapter 13: I Can Fake A Laugh of At Helheim’s Gate by E.J. Wolfe is up! Here’s a brief excerpt: “Happy summer feast, bregða,” Sigfrøðr said and cracked his knuckles, “A little birdie told me that you’re still talking to Eira. You even have standing meetings with her? That wouldn’t happen to be true, would it? I know you know better.” Bregðask sucked in another breath as he felt his body readjust until the pain began to ebb again. He uncurled his body slowly and met his cousin’s gaze as the twins chuckled behind him. Their laughter rang false, (more…)

AHG 3/1 Update

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re reading At Helheim’s Gate here on Fanatic Musings, thank you for your support. We’re up to Chapter 12: I Can Fake A Smile.  If you are reading it on FictionPress, you’re up to Chapter 8: And All The Secrets That Lie.  Comment, like, share– I love hearing what you all think about it, and I do respond!  Thank you for all of your support and be sure to check out the other stories that are being published on Fanatic Musings when you’re looking for something else to read. E.J. Haven’s The Black Forest is looking (more…)

A Rant On Being Fair (World Building & Characters)

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of a good weekend. I’m dedicating this post to a good friend of mine who was recently liberated from the armed forces and heading into college (Let’s pause to give him a round of applause here! *jazz hands*). He called me up a while ago to ask for help sorting out a few issues with a story he is attempting to construct, and I am always good for some good old-fashioned world-building. As a bit of a background, we’ve known each other since his little brother was making 33s in English. (more…)

FictionPress Crossposting

Howdy,  It’s the 22nd! If you’re a HTTYD fan, you’re probably busy at the movies right now watching the final installment for the fifth time. Unfortunately, I’m at work and have serious issues with going to see any movie on the opening week, so don’t spoil it for me! #ToothlessandHiccup4Ever In any case, after speaking with the Fanatic Musings Staff, we’ve decided to co-publish At Helheim’s Gate on FictionPress on our account. It’ll be posted at the same rate (1 chapter every 2 days) but will be updated every Friday (so that’s about 3-4 chapters per week) for the forseeable (more…)

New Novel: At Helheim’s Gate

Hi everyone!   It’s the second month of the New Year, and I have a new story that went live on Fanatic Musings on Valentine’s Day. It was literally my Valentine’s Day present to myself to get this ready to start publishing. At Helheim’s Gate is going to be a wild ride not for the faint of heart. If you’re not into dragons, magic, adventure, my usual amount of angst, and so on, please proceed no further.   Here’s a brief synopsis:   Bregðask Hjálp Harvard is the sixth person in the Harvard line to be named in the Nordic (more…)