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  • Harmony 3K Trope Bingo #2: Give Your Heart A Break (Hurt/Comfort)
    Greeting lovely people,  Still sailing on the S.S. Harmony. Give Your Heart A Break is the 2nd installment of my participation in the Harmony 3K Bingo Challenge. […]
  • Harmony 3K Trope Bingo #1: Fidetentia (Childhood!Friends)
    Greeting lovely people,  Remember a while back when I said I was participating in the Harmony 3K Bingo Challenge? Well, I finally started the posting of […]
  • 1 Million Thoughts
    So, it might not be quite 1 million thoughts, but it’s a hell of a lot more than one hundred.
  • Harmony 3K Bingo Challenge
    A loving shout out to the Harmony community on H/HR – H.M.S. Harmony They are a great bunch. I joined about a week ago and dashed […]
  • Four Years Already?
    Happy fourth anniversary Fanatic Musings and 28 Days of Melanin! May there be many more!


We mentioned we were fans, right? Here it is. We’ll have them organized by fandom for your reading pleasure. Authors may post them elsewhere, so don’t panic if you run into them somewhere else too! See a list of fandoms here and the latest updates below!

Latest Fanfiction Updates

  • Give Your Heart A Break (9/10/2021) - He walked away from her again, and for the second time in her life, she was sure that she was going to actually punch someone. Hermione had never been particularly violent, and she never really counted punching Draco Malfoy in the face for being an ugly, little berk. They were the best of friends now, […]
  • Trolls (9/3/2021) - Ronald grit his teeth, pacing the common room. It should have been impossible, really. He’d followed the instructions, but there was nothing for it. Harry had stopped midstep as the hall was evacuated and raced away without so much as a word to him, tearing down the hall as if Dementors were chasing him. That […]
  • Open Doors & Secrets (9/2/2021) - “Get in there, freak!” Harry stumbled into the cupboard as Vernon pulled the slot closed. Harry winced, carefully reaching around in the darkness until he found his bed. His stomach clenched with hunger, but he ignored it and climbed into bed.  He had no idea what time it was, but it never mattered. If Hermione […]
  • Books & Bullies (9/1/2021) -

    “It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Harry. Harry Potter.”

    He offered his hand.

    “I’m Hermione Granger.”

  • Tell Me You Love Me (2/15/2021) -

    Tell me you love me

    I need someone on days like this

    She should have been happy. Everyone said they were meant to be together, but there's more to until death does us part than a nice gown and I do.She could only say it so many times before it felt like a lie in her ears.

Original Fiction

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Latest Series Updates

  • Welcome To CarMax (5/11/2020) - He swore on his grandfather's ring around his thumb that the next time Gwen said “Honey” and stroked the back of his neck, he was closing his eyes and running out of the house, even if she was right.

Other Works

Here’s where we host all of the other types of work ranging from art to poetry.

Latest Short Stories And Poems

  • Welcome To CarMax (10/2/2020) - He wanted the woman in front of him to not be knowledgeable about her job, so he'd have a better excuse not to be here. He wanted to reverse time to not be here in that moment, but more than anything...

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