Status: Complete Genre(s): Drama, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy Pairing(s): Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger x Viktor Krum Series: Inspired By Media, 1 Million For Black!Hermione Rating(s): General Audiences Tag(s): black hermione granger Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Major Character Injury Letters H.M.S. Viktory Emotional Manipulation Based on an Adele Song Author’s Note: Yes, this was originally posted on Ao3, but it’s been updated for here. And it was inspired by Adele’s Hello. Synopsis: When war is over, a warrior has three things left to do: 1) Collect and bury the dead, 2) Tie up loose ends, and 3) Find (more…)

Don’t Forget The Sun

James takes some time to visit home and realizes that he has been a total ass to Lafayette.

Of course, our favorite hippy has to make it up to him. [Originally posted on Ao3.org]

Status: Completed Genre(s): Vampires & Werewolves, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy Pairing(s): Lafayette Reynolds x Jesús Velasquez, James Kent x Lafayette Reynolds Series: Rating(s): Mature Content Tag(s): family sexy times vampires blood drinking lafayette x james forgiveness bad things happen to good people funking out family drama short story Lafayette is a medium true blood Author’s Note: This was originally posted on Ao3 Synopsis: Funking out doesn’t fix everything, but at least if feels good. After a visit home to see his father, James realizes that he’s been a total ass to Lafayette and he should make it up (more…)

At Helheim’s Gate- On Hold

On the island of Calder, names were chosen based on the time of the year a person is born. If your birthday coincided with someone of your family line, you were named in their honor. Unfortunately, the closest ancestor in a young man’s line is a name that will haunt him for his entire life and all the superstition that came with it. No matter how his mentor and father figure claims that it is a name to be worn with pride, he knows that the look in his father’s eyes, the hilmir of their island and leader of the Rekkr Vinfengi, is everything but pride.

He only had to hold out until he turned twenty years old so he could be legally old enough to travel beyond the archipelago and maybe leave the horrible name behind.
Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy.

Author: E.J. Wolfe Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy Series: Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Status:  In Progress, On Hiatus Tag(s): family black female character family relationships coming of age fantasy dragons romance magical world Author’s Note: This is going to be a very long story. There will be starts, stops and so on because of the planned length, but enjoy! Synopsis: Beyond the shoreline of Norway, in the middle of the Greenland Sea, lies the  Áseldaskáli Archipelago, the Fire-Hall of the Gods, home to some of the most ancient dragon species and a collection of Nordic tribes (more…)

Raison D’être- On Hold

All of his life he’d been searching for it, and now, here on this little blue marble of a planet, here at what could be the end of everything as he knows it, he finds it; however, it isn’t nearly as simple as the stories say it should be.For one, she’s black with more curves than his mind can handle at one time.For two, she’s human, and for three, and most importantly, she’s really stubborn.Thera, help him and the entire universe. 

    Author: E.J. Wolfe Genre(s): Action, College Life, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Tragedy Series: Inspired By Time At Rice Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Status:  In Progress, On Hiatus Tag(s): fantasy houston Texas rice university aliens Author’s Note: It seems like this story is going to take more out of me than I first thought. I originally wrote this as a challenge when I was in college. The version posted here is going to be heavily revised because I’m in a much different place now. If you’re curious, yes! I did graduate from Rice University in Houston, Texas. (more…)

She Loved The River

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The Once And Future

Merlin, Gwaine, and Arthur live a lot of lives, but there is a once and a future for all of them. This is a story about the first reincarnation and a part of the Once And Future Series.

Status: In Progress Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Romance, Tragedy Pairing(s): Gwaine x Merlin, Arthur x Guinevere Series: The Once And Future Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Tag(s): reincarnation fate & destiny dark!merlin king arthur legend Author’s Note: This was originally posted on Ao3  and will continue to be posted there and here as chapters are finished.  Synopsis: There is something missing in the first Once, something that had been in the Once before and had to be here in order for him to be here.  Fate would have to try again as hard and as often to make this future (more…)