At Helheim’s Gate

On the island of Calder, names were chosen based on the time of the year a person is born. If your birthday coincided with someone of your family line, you were named in their honor. Unfortunately, the closest ancestor in a young man’s line is a name that will haunt him for his entire life and all the superstition that came with it. No matter how his mentor and father figure claims that it is a name to be worn with pride, he knows that the look in his father’s eyes, the hilmir of their island and leader of the Rekkr Vinfengi, is everything but pride.

He only had to hold out until he turned twenty years old so he could be legally old enough to travel beyond the archipelago and maybe leave the horrible name behind.
Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy.

Author: E.J. Wolfe Genre(s): Action, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy Series: Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Status:  In Progress Tag(s): romance magical world family black female character family relationships coming of age fantasy dragons Author’s Note: This is going to be a very long story. There will be starts, stops and so on because of the planned length, but enjoy! Synopsis: Beyond the shoreline of Norway, in the middle of the Greenland Sea, lies the  Áseldaskáli Archipelago, the Fire-Hall of the Gods, home to some of the most ancient dragon species and a collection of Nordic tribes known to (more…)

Raison D’être

All of his life he’d been searching for it, and now, here on this little blue marble of a planet, here at what could be the end of everything as he knows it, he finds it; however, it isn’t nearly as simple as the stories say it should be.For one, she’s black with more curves than his mind can handle at one time.For two, she’s human, and for three, and most importantly, she’s really stubborn.Thera, help him and the entire universe. 

    Author: E.J. Wolfe Genre(s): Action, College Life, Drama, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Tragedy Series: Inspired By Time At Rice Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Status:  In Progress Tag(s): aliens fantasy houston Texas rice university Author’s Note: It seems like this story is going to take more out of me than I first thought. I originally wrote this as a challenge when I was in college. The version posted here is going to be heavily revised because I’m in a much different place now. If you’re curious, yes! I did graduate from Rice University in Houston, Texas.     (more…)

Scattered Puzzle Pieces

Of the five children he’s adopted, one hates him, one is more or less a neutral party, the other nearly refuses to come home, and the other two are always at each other’s throats. If only Bruce had just gone to therapy, he might have saved himself some of the migraines, bottles of scotch, wakeless nights, and the cost of being a vigilante.

Status: In Progress Genre(s): Action, Drama, LGTBQ, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi Pairing(s): Conner Kent | Kon-El | Superboy x Match x Original Female Character, Richard Grayson | Nightwing x Original Male Character, Diana | Wonder Woman x Clark Kent | Kal-El | Superman, Tim Drake | Red Robin X Barbara Gordon | Oracle | Batgirl Series: Jason Todd Deserves Better Rating(s): Explicit Violence, Mature Content Tag(s): fanfiction love family richard grayson family relationships healing grievance bad things happen to good people romance Bruce is a terrible father Author’s Note: This is going to be a rather long story and a lot (more…)

Night In The Forest

You could go sit at the fire with them. That small voice always said such strange and kind things. Percival had yet to figure out where it came from or what it was supposed to convey though he had theories. In his opinion, those thoughts might have been worth something if there was someone around worthy enough for the kindness and effort they hinted. Why make such suggestions with such a life-tired tone? Why make them at all? It will be out in a matter of hours, the clinical voice in his head said. Though the wind did not smell (more…)

That Which Remains

Beyond the door, he could hear the steady thump–whoosh, thump– whoosh of the man’s heart beating and the scratch, scratch, scratch of his pen across paper. It was a familiar sound. It made him think of his parents, and the long hours, sometimes late into the night, they spent managing the family’s finances. He remembered being small enough to crawl into his father’s lap when he couldn’t sleep to watch them work. Before the pain of those thoughts could distract him, he knocked three times and waited for the man to grant him entry. It wasn’t long before he heard (more…)


“Ready?” Juliette turned towards the voice to see nothing but a cloth covered sternum. Honestly, if she was not accustomed to people being taller than she was, she might have freaked out a little bit.  However, she was the only daughter in a family of large German boys, so the sight was nothing new. Slowly, she tilted her head up until the sternum grew shoulders, a neck, and a handsome face she vaguely recognized. She smiled at his expressionless face. Somehow, the lack of emotion did not make him frightening or detract from his handsome features. His blue eyes were (more…)

Of Marvel & Mayhem

For a cold, black moment, his breath stops and he tears torn free of R.E.M. and twenty-one days past.


Sometime closer to the zero hour, he’d pulled the army green fleece to tangle around him against his cold sweat. It does nothing for his shivering since it’s more holes than blanket, but it’s the only thing he has. Silence roars and stabs spikes of pain into his brain. He should be asleep. His body can’t take much more of this. He knows this, but he can’t. Read more “Of Marvel & Mayhem”

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